Following in the forum



So have you read the title? You didn't just click on this accidentally like my clumsy oversized fingers normally do? Good.
On Hopscotch, it is common sense to follow someone who you like or look up to, but should this only be a feature for the app? Should we be able to keep track of what our favourite Hopscotchers are posting on the forum too? Reply if you think so too!


I agree, but then it would be like social media, and some parents don't want their kids to be using stuff like that. That's why @TheGreatDetective1 left. But Discourse made the forum, and they would have to add that…. The Hopscotch Team just runs it.


Well, that's a cool idea!

However, it would be added by Discourse, who makes this forum! I also think that it might not be worth adding, as I know I wouldn't use it much, because we already have a search tab to find specific users, just like on Hopscotch! I think that it wouldn't be nessecary to add because of how well the forum is already set up!

@tankt2016, I'm not sure that's the biggest reason, but it is an important factor, because parents can choose what's best for their kids.