Following Friends!



So, I've met a lot of people on the forum. I talk with them. They talk with me. I give help. And they help me as well. Soon you consider them a good friend. Then you realize you don't even FOLLOW them on Hopscotch! And you are like what... And follow them right as you realize that. This has happened to me SOOO many times, and I'm like, "OMG I never even liked their project? Oops!" And to prevent that ashamed feeling, if you are someone that never got the follow from the good friend, please tell me or whoever the friend is here! Or sometimes I follow the wrong person because they actually changed thier name and I never knew that. So, if you are wondering why the heck I never followed you, (or someone else) then please tell me! I just feel so bad when I finally realize it... So I need that to stop happening! THANKS!


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Idk who to choose...

Meh username is SapFire


XD I don't think you follow meh, I think I follow you tho.
Don't worry! I do that all da time


Thanks! This is perfect name!


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Those tags tho. XD


I can't find you..? What's your username on Hopscotch?


All I know is you used to follow me on my old account. My new one is ArtisticWolf.


It's KawaiiPixie. :smile:


That explains it!


I follow you!


I'll follow you...but my iPad's dead now ._.

(P.S. @SmileyAlyssa You like the creating new tags feature, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Can't like, but yaysies! XD


Can't like ;-;. Thanks for following me. :smile:


I think I follow you,( i need to check XD)




Wow! YOh are good at coding! I like the birthday card thing


Why can't I like?

:heart: Thanks! You're really great at coding as well. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your smile faces, from your quotes :sweat_smile:


Oh! It's fine! You can borrow anything from me

but not my passwords