Followers Tab! 😀😀😀😀😀



Hi! Hopscotch, if your reading this, than i know uv heard this like 1,000,000, but we want a tap showing how many followers we have!! If ur some one else and ur reading this, comment ur opinion! There r also blocks that dont exist yet like the repeat until and wait until blocks, and stuff like that. All hopscotchers including me are excited for the next update!! :grinning:


I think thoses things are great ideas I need some stuff like that in my projects


Yep!! These blocks would make coding SO much easier!


I agree with the new blocks! That would make it so we wouldn't have to code a repeat until or a wait until. But if someone is new and they see someone with so many followers and they only have a couple, that might discourage them.


But what if only you could see your own following tab?


Than I would want a followers tab :slight_smile:


Well i think u should only be able to see how many followers u have


Both suggestions are awesome! The new blocks will make it much easier to make projects, and I want to see how many followers I have!