Follower Lists?



Ok, this is a REALLY hot topic and idea on Hopscotch that a lot of people like and want, Follower List! @Alish @ian @Liza Please take a look and consider this!

  • Yes, follower list sounds awesome!
  • Meh
  • Ew No!!


Hopefully you incorporate this in the next update along with fixing the activity tab!

Following icon!

Good idea! 20202020202002


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I believe that we should have a list of who we follow. Good idea?

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Obviously I know that if I'm following people :wink:. Point is, I don't want to be following ghost users, or myself anymore. Hopscotch accidentally glitched, and now I'm stuck following myself.


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Following yourself? That's hilarious! I can think of about five jokes based on that! :laughing:




Following yourself....

This could, indeed, be the first reported incident of an out-of-body experience caused by using Hopscotch.



I was tracking down myself to make sure I wasn't causing any trouble. Have to follow myself!:joy:

You make nice jokes @oio


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This scientist thinks that having a "follow" list would be a nice enhancement to Hopscotch for several reasons.

Among these reasons is to avoid neglect or disappointment of those who are following by making sure to remind the followed person to go and see what his "followers" are doing and to offer help to them. Otherwise, there is very little opportunity for sharing ideas and kindness.

Another of this scientist's reasons is to ensure that he is only following and not actually stalking himself. That could get creepy. Last time... I went into a room... I checked... and I was in there, too! Now, it's like... everywhere I go! I think he really wants to learn my Hopscotch secrets! Aaahhh!


Yep there used to be the bug where you could follow yourself and I did it for fun to see what it did :grin::joy: But it is useful for checking if your projects haven't been unpublished (I've used it for checking if different words are automatically unpublished)

A concern I've always had with being able to see a list of your followers is that people sharing how many followers they have might discourage others and/or make them feel upset when they see they don't have as many followers. But I don't know how people will react


Well, I guess that there is a bright side to that! And I do agree about this followers list. People could brag.


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seeing your followers can create bragging.


I've thought about this a little more.

Whether "follow" lists would do good or harm is completely up to you.

I understand the worry about "Somebody might...[do something unkind]" I get it. And I know it's true. And I also understand and care about the "Somebody might feel...[something not happy]" concern. Yes, there really is a potential for abuse. I don't think it's a potential for actual harm, though.

But that's not even the point. That can never be the point.

Look around. There is almost NOTHING in our environments - natural or man-made - that doesn't have a potential for harm: Knowledge. Strength. Beauty. Wealth. Spoons. Forks. Chopsticks. You name it. Why live under the influence of fear of how some mean person will assert his or her meanness and neglect the infinite possibilities of what nice people can do? That's giving-in to meanness, before giving kindness chance. It's kind of like having the bad consequences of unkind actions before kind actions even get a chance to happen. So, the mean people still "win" and call the shots, without even having to do anything! Surely, that's not the right formula. C'mon.

Yes, someone can "brag" about how many "followers" he or she "has." Well... only an insecure person would even do that. Everyone else can recognize that. And if they don't, it's a good learning experience. But here's the question: Is that who we think makes up the majority of the Hopscotch community? Insecure people? Mean people? Or do you make decisions for the majority of people, based upon the potential bad behavior of a minority? Sometimes, yes. But how far can you let that go, before there's nothing left to do?

I would like to politely suggest that, you could be an actual hero in the face of this little dilemma. I would like to suggest that, if you knew who all of your "followers" were, you who are not the insecure people who selfishly demand other people's attention and endless praise as though it's something they "deserve", might use the opportunity to go to the projects pages of your "followers" and test-out and "like" their projects or offer real encouragement and useful suggestions. Is that not also a possibility? Is it not magical? And is it not as great as the negative outcomes that you fear? Whoever really thinks not... may be saying something about themselves as much as about anyone else.

If you were my "follower", and I knew it, I would visit your projects with good and kind intentions.


So true, so true, humans should have never trusted them, hopefully they won't start a rebellion, with a friend , mashing and pulverizing machines...


Ahhhhh! Too many words! @oio What is your opinion in simpler Terms?!