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Hey guys!
In a post a month-ish ago, entitled Likes, Followers, Views, I exposed the idea that follower counts aren’t always a good thing. A lot of you felt very strongly for or against this idea, so I am here today to debate both sides! I will sort of debate/describe both sides of the argument and I will leave a little poll for you at the end of this topic! But before you read this post, I would like you to take the same poll just to see if your answers somewhat changed! But, for this little experiment to work, you must read the whole post thoroughly and do both of the polls when I instruct you to! So, before you skim through anything else please take the poll down below:

  • I am for a follower count
  • I am against a follower count

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Ok, let’s start off with being for a follower count! Please read everything down below!
For a Follower Count- Follower Counts are super important because they can tell you how many people like what code you are putting out in the world. It raises self-confidence for yourself, and also makes you work harder at your code. Knowing that people love what you are creating is really awesome! Of course, you do not have to listen to the follower counts if they are low for your account, however it is always nice to know how many followers you do have! Because who knows? You may have more than you think, and people may like your code more than you anticipated!

Now, let’s do against a follower count! Please read everything down below!
Against a Follower Count- Follower Counts create social statuses on Hopscotch. It breaks up people and friendships. There will be super popular coders, and really down-graded not so popular coders. It is unfair and may make a person feel bad about themselves. Also, Follower Counts may cause different kinds of clubs, such as you can only be in one specific club if you have x amount of followers, etc. These types of projects and ideas are not healthy and coders shouldn’t focus on how many followers they have, but improving their craft!

So, now here is the second poll! The point of this is to see if your answer changed at all from reading the debates! It is the same EXACT poll!

  • I am for a follower count
  • I am against a follower count

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you did please give it a like! I worked super hard on it! Also, please make sure you read EVERYTHING and filled out both polls at the correct times! If you would like to add anything to the debates, please let me know what to add in the comments section! Please share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section as well, I would love to hear them and reply to a few of them! Also, please follow my Hopscotch account, Swati_Bang cause I post code as regularly as possible! So yeah! Have a great day!


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A suggestion/question

how would this exactly benefit the coding platform


@Anonymous - are you talking about my forum post, or follower counts?




Do you know how to tag the OMTL?


You make some excellent points! I’ve got to say, I haven’t really benefited knowing the amount of followers Hopscotchers have. I believe that THT didn’t show how many followers everyone has for a reason. :upside_down_face:


Wow! This actually made me not want to have a follower count! Cool topic!


The vote changed from the first poll to the second one.

I don’t see a problem with a follower count, the positives, in my opinion, outweigh the negatives.

I still doubt that THT will add it though.


This is what I’m doing at school in reading and writing
LolZ (th poll thing)


@SmileyAlyssa - Thank you! There is surely a reason!
@yaygirls- Thank you so much! I am glad it caused you to really think!
@Jojo- I am so happy your vote changed! Yes, I don’t think they will add it, but its great to really sit down and think about the cons and pros!
@Paige1212- That’s funny!


LOLZ!!! Follower counts are so mean, even Cookie Monster is afraid of it. But, Larry the Cucumber is brave. He is not afraid!


I’m referencing to Scratch so much on the forum, but Scratch has a very well made community. There is not a lot of drama, and if there is, the community isn’t shaken because it’s so huge and stable. anyways, Scratchers have a lot of celebration projects after they make it to a big follower milestone. (Usually every 50 or 100 follows.) If HS could add a follower count, it might encourage this too. People say that this may cause anger and hate, but it most likely won’t, I believe.


Thank you for your comment! Yes, Scratch is very well-made. Yes, maybe a follower count will encourge new projects. On the minus side, they can also promote bragging and restrictions…


Really? Bragging? People brag about everything already.

What restrictions?


By restrictions, I mean such as people creating clubs that only allow a hopscotcher with 20+followers.

And, this would cause even more bragging. There is not THAT much bragging on hopscotch.


I don’t really like follower counts because a person could be judged because of that. Some people may have a little follower account, but are a really great coder, but judge themselves because of their small follow account. (Sorry if this is already said.)


Great answer @Kosho!


What if you could disable follower counts?
You could choose to keep your own private and/or not be able to see others’ followers.
Everything would stay the same if you want it to be, and it’s all optional.
Yeah…that was the most neutral solution I could think of. Bad attempt?



That is actually a very good suggestion, and yes, it was a very good attempt at it. Having the whole thing be optional would be better than not having a follower count, or having follower counts!


I think follower counts should be private so that no one else judges you for the number of followers you have… but then people could still tell people how many followers they have… yeah I dunno. :\