@follow4likesofficial question about music or any1 good with music


so for some music im making i need to find someway to "hack" or maybe go around a db minor note... can you help


"Around a Db note"?
You mean a low C?


Hi guys! If this helps I can play the oboe , recorder and piano so I know some cool songs!


not a low c i meant a d chord...


ugh i cant think i meant a db minor


I don't think you can make chords in HS... :confused:


if you put the notes with a wait 0 it makes a chord i think


Ya I use it all the time loL


TBH I seldom use chords...


A Db is a C# :wink:


Hey, speaking of notes.. I found this weird note "low base C", but it's not in my Hopscotch keyboard? Is it only in your side of the update?



This is what @Follow4LikesOfficial meant when he said he hacked the music.

Just like with HSB colors, if you copy and paste, type in "c" where d is, and then copy and paste it back in.


:00000 hax for life den


@Follow4LikesOfficial , I know you're going to be mad at me but


I decided to use a band pep rally song I learned instead of the Final Countdown... Sorry D:




I made the John Cena theme :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopscotch is constantly crashing for me, i cant get on :frowning:


I think you have to update m8


Can't, school iPad ;-;


Aw dang
Wait you don't have a home iPad?!