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Do you think it's possible to draw a path with clones and have a sprite then move along the path drawn?
If a sprite sets its position to a clone when it's invisible and each clone becomes invisible 1 sec after appearing then becomes 99% invisible, do u think this would work?


@Stradyvarious you are @oio.

Drawing on paper compared to

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@Stradyvarious, I find your question absolutely hilarious! Not at all because there's anything wrong with it or silly about it. I find it hilarious because I have been sitting on a piece of code that does exactly what you are talking about for weeks now. It is, in fact, my current project! I have been piddling around with this thing for the last two to three weeks, though I have been preoccupied with other things. My emphasis in this code, as I write and rewrite it, has been on avoiding the usual slowdown that occurs, as clones are spawned. It works nicely.

I have to ask you, how in the world did you guess that this question would be fittingly addressed to me?! That is absolutely creepy. And I am not pulling your leg. It is facinating.

And, yes, to answer your question, not only is it possible, but it is very easy, I have hesitated to post my version of this, until I clean up the JSON file to get rid of now-obsolete variables. But your question really makes me want to post it, as is. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I should mention...

...that I started this project with a specific, whimsical game in mind. Yes, it illustrates what may be a new technique, but it was a combination of curiosity about whether the technique would work and a desire to make a certain type of game (a memory game) that motivated me to start it. I haven't posted the trail-follower, because, as you'll recall, I have some real world things that I need to deal with, not the least of which being putting the leadership and legal counsel of one of my former companies back in their places, as they try try to lay claim, retroactively, to everything inside the minds of its former employees - including mine. Not a good plan. Clearly, the new suit-and-tie-wearing bean-counters and word-merchants don't know oio as well as their predecessors did. :sunglasses:


I'm out for a few hours, but I'll post my current version of a trail follower, when I return. If you've got one of your own, we can compare notes...


You are @Stradyvarious!! :scream::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I tried various ways with clones having different values and a sprite forever checking those values and setting position and I can't get the code to work.
The sprite keeps ignoring the clones and just looks at the original.
I never had this problem making something happen to an individual clone before.
All I can think is having 2 different sprites and sprite "A" goes to last touch position
Then sprite "B" goes to sprite "A" position.
When this happens sprite "A" again goes to last touch position, and repeat.
This wouldn't use clones, just 2 sprites.
I could use a lot of the same sprites to look like it's done with clones.

Or each clone can change its look with a set text to a sprite,then back to its clone text.
With the right timing it will look like a sprite is hopping from each clone if the clones are visible.


Here is the link to my fire trail project.
Draw a path of yellow dot clones and flames will follow the path of yellow dots.
That's what it looks like, but the dot clones are just changing their texts to flames and disappearing one after another.
If I put more effort into the timing I could have just 1 flame text appearing at a time instead of 3-4 appearing to give a better illusion of 1 flame emoji following the dot clone path


Maybe this will help?

So, the original version had a set of clones, each having a serial number encoded in its "speed" parameter. The clones were distributed, as manually drawn. A single tracer object progressed from clone to clone, moving between their static positions (though they needn't necessarily be static at all) as the selected clone's index was updated in a loop.

The version that I have just published works differently, in a manner more compatible with the game I intend to finish. It deposits clones as drawn, enforcing a minimum separation between them, and giving them indices through the "speed" parameter as before. The trace animation is accomplished by making the clone with the selected index visible, while others remain invisible. A fading-trail effect is also optionally possible.

Link to project.


Our codes ended up being very close.
Yours more polished with timing and a line drawn from the points(clones)
i only spent aprox 10 mins time coding this, with deleting code that didn't work.
Did you ever try and use a seperate sprite to follow the clones path instead of changing the texts?


Both approaches can be made to work. The first did not fail for me. I just didn't like the inefficiency of the code that had the one object move from invisible clone location to invisible clone location. Actually, there are scenarios in which that would be the preferred method. If you are interested, I can reconstruct the first working version.

But all of this is academic compared to what really interests me, @Stradyvarious. I want to know how it is possible that we have been simultaneously working on exactly the same problem, without having ever spoken about it. I am no less bewildered to see that our two preferred methods are fundamentally the same, though I have built-in hooks for compatibility with a future project. Seems highly improbable. Have I missed something?


i really wanted to do this like the first version you made.
This second way is sort of cheating.
I'd like to see your first version.
Could you please publish and provide a link?
Maybe if i spent more time thinking about this i might have figured out how to do the first version.
Did you publish the link after seeing me publish a link?
Is the timing a coincidence?
I don't know how we both were thinking and solving the same problem/code.
Funny coincidence


I will publish a remake of the original, single-tracer code, as I have explained it. Sure.

To your question, I had no idea that you had even posted that fire project, because I was busy on this end getting my project out and typing a post. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what is going on. Freaky...


My screen says you posted your link 4 mins before mine. But when i posted mine, your link didn't appear till about 10 seconds on my screen after i posted my link.
Very strange and funny!!!


Sorry, but I have to ask this question, if you don't object. Did you say that you are in Australia? And, if you'll answer, exactly where in Australia? I am trying to get my head around this...


Sure. Have we discussed this topic before, perhaps? Could I have forgotten it?


No we have not discussed this topic before.
1 min ago your last post.
So how was your link post 4 mins or more difference when it appeared aprox 10 secs after mine?
I once sent an email and it arrived 3 months later to a company, when they checked the date.
This was from g-mail


I don't have a good explanation for this. At least not one that's fit for human consumption.