Follow/Like/Shoutout Requests


So, recently a large amount of people have been asking me to follow them, or like their projects, or give them shout outs. And, I'm sorry, but I'm probably not going to. I really only follow about 10 people, and I almost never like anything. Secret spilling time, I'm really not a very good coder. I'm incredibly impatient, and I get distracted and frustrated easily. So shout outs are unheard of for me. If you want me to draw you something, maybe I would do it, but other requests (games, speeches, apologies, etc.)? Probably not going to happen. I would love to be able to code games, but the big important ones either glitch or get stuck in the filter. I'm trying to figure it all out, but for now, I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop requesting that I follow or like your projects. I know that a lot (probably most) Hopscotchers like everything in their path, but for me, I only like things I actually like. So I really don't appreciate people remixing my stuff asking for follows and likes and shout outs for reasons X, Y, or Z. Thanks for reading.


It's ok! Don't worry at all, it's fine. :smile:


Yeah when so many people support you they want to you follow them.i understand