FNAS Story & Answers


I have decided that I will be telling the story (which will be hidden with spoilers) and awnsering questions you have in the comments. So here we go.

NOTICE: I have contacted the admins about using the word "kill", it is allowed due to two facts.
1. I am not threatening anyone
2. I have a warning about the content
The hopscotch admin I had reply's from name is Meg, so please stop flagging this, there is a reason there is a warning.

The spoilers are somewhat graphic and may be scary to some! There are use of the word "kill". We reccommend kids under 10 to NOT view. Viewer description advised!

How they came to be:
Smiley - He was lead and tricked into getting into a suit which locked on him by a teenage guy
Sadey - If you read the novel then you should know that he found something he was not suppose to see at is dads work place and his dad and the man shoved him in a suit
Skelly - He felt guilty for his parents divorce even though he was not a factor and went to his dads room where he was repairing skellys head and put it on which killed him
Mr.Robo - He is being controlled by sadey

What is up with the laughing people:
They all thought that the kids were telling a joke or playing a game until they notice what is actually happeing

Why did the people shove some kids into suits:
so that way they would be in the news paper and get more customers

What was the first resturant?
Smileys cafe

Wondering anything else just ask below

Got any thing you want to know, ask below!

Story of FNAS poll

I don't understand this at all...

How is this Hopscotch related?


it is a game series i made on the app


This doesn't sound entirely appropriate, killing people isn't allowed in Hopscotch.


it was part of the game story


I know, but it's still not allowed, and it shouldn't be talked about or coded on the forum or the app.


i will contact the admins to see if it is alright


I have sent them a message by email


I agree with @Gilbert189
There are little kids on this app and tho I get its really cool it's not appropriate to be told in the forum/app or coded in the app, sorry ):


Your Profile Can Scare People Too (´・_・`)


@Gilbert189 and @smishsmash I have contacted the admins about this, still waiting for a reply but i see what you mean. I am going to put a warning on (you might see this when it is up). The warning will have todo until the admins contact me back.


:slight_smile: I used to make scary games that is why, lol


Did you make FNAF?


I read it and I'm only nine >:3


Most people on the Forum are younger than this, or 13. : /


@Gilbert189 & @smishsmash along with others that flagged this post.
We have added a notice, this post is allowed for the reasons we have listed. Also @Kitkat26 we have changed the age to 10, thank you for pointing it out.

We have also edited the warning to. Please stop flagging the post for the admins say it even is not a rule broken. This post is allowed, false flagging (flagging a post that is not breaking a rule) is something that is frowned apon by the admins.


I have not flagged it. I'm just saying be careful with these types of stories.


How do you know if me and @Gilbert189 have flagged the post?

Just be carful with those types of things on the forum :0


I have no idea who did but the following reasons are for using "kill".



You're the one who made five nights at smileys

I've seen that game

So I have no questions, I am familiar with the FNAF story concept even though this one is different. It (I assume) is relatively the same.