Fnaf RP!🐻🐰🐀 FNAF RULES😝😝😝😝😝😝



Max amount of people are at 30! 10 night guards and 20 animatronics total! Plz do the starter info in your first reply! Thx!-Bobaroo P.S. No cursing allowed!!!


RPs aren't good for Hopscotch and aren't related to Hopscotch so they aren't allowed on the forum, sorry. :confused:




That post can get flagged as spam and many people dislike RPs and the forum is for talking about Hopscotch, not doing RPs. And you're not really supposed to do RPs on Hopscotch, either. They clog your account. Sorry. :confused:


Maybe you can put code into your rps and do them on a project to make a ton of cool code?


Ooh, you can do an RP and then make a movie in Hopscotch on it! @Bobaroo123, this is a good idea you can use so it doesn't get flagged!


There Can Only Be RP On Hopscotch Because Things On The Forum Are More Serious And You Have To Be On Topic!


Since Your New, Let's Start Simple. Flags Are The Worst, Compared To Closing. So Maybe Let's Close This. @Kiwicute2016? @Anonymous? @PopTart0219?


I Agree With You @Pokemon101


@Liza, @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, @system, @Anonymous, Should We Close This Topic?


They are allowed but not encouraged.


@Kiwicute2016 would you think a rp where you code to add to the story is good?


That's fine! :DD

Well... as long as it isn't as simple as turning a square yellow or something!


Yeah I thought like sin and cos


My Huge Dark Secret

I used to RP... Then I realized... I still love RPing. Anyone know a website?


me @ fnaf 4 ending couldn’t have said it better


Hey, there is a forum about role playing – http://tbgforums.com/forums/ – but this forum is only for discussing creativity, coding, or hopscotch. Remember these guidelines:

Things to remember about topics

Since you've made this topic, you know how to create a topic -- that's good news! Creating topics gives you the power to ask questions about coding! You can also make clubs and collaborations, and get feedback or help with your projects. There *are* guidelines for making topics, though -- here are the main ones, to set you in the right direction.
  • Always make topics relating to
    *or hopscotch
  • If you like to get input on your projects, consider making a topic specifically for that, versus making a new topic each time that you want to get suggestions
  • SBYP, or search before you post. Sometimes when you have a question, it has already been answered! Try searching through topics by clicking the :mag: icon up at the top of the page.