FNAF Room-lights-doors anyone can use



I started this on Hopscotch and Tynker.
The Tynker version is taking up all of my time.
Anyone who wants to use this or check the code to use in a game is free to do so.
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Thats cool!
Im replying to everything sorry just trying to be a Regular!


Anything else you'd like to say?? :slight_smile:


That is cool!


I've noticed that the doors are a little bit buggy. Once I tap the open button, it takes ~2 seconds to open if you spam it. I also somehow glitched the door so much that the door closed when the button said "open". :yum:

But the door animation is nice, and I like that the light makes everything pitch black! Nice work.


I deliberately made it laggy.
The speed the doors open/close can be changed easily.


That makes sense.


Did u look at the Tynker code and make minor changes by accident?
The background was 89% instead of 100%
its angle was 359.?% instead of 360
and the doors were a little higher and didn't open to an equal distance.
I fixed this now.
I changed the password now so you won't be able to login.
You can email me the mp3 sound effects later.


I didn't log in or anything yet. I unfortunately didn't finish the song uet, either. I'm still working!