FNAF. Anybody want to collaborate?



Sorry about not being on hopscotch much. I truly am, but I'm working hard on a FNAF Theme song. I will publish it as soon as I finish a couple more verses. (P.S. Anybody willing to help make animatronics or characters ? I'm horrible at them. )


@Sprinkles7 I would love to make Freddy for you, it would be my honor


Okay ! Thanks as soon as I post it you can start working on it ! I think that it'll turn out AWESOME ! Thanks !


I'm sorry I can only draw dem and I am not even dis good


What king of FNAF game are we talking about? How about one where a warning comes up where it says Freddy is about to pop up and you have to put a mask on in the certain amount of time, which decreases as the night carries on.


If you asked me a week earlier I could have helped out allot.
I could have made the minimap as players tap to change the camera views.
I thought about making a FNAF game but never had the time to do so.
An idea I had was for sliding doors to be in a few of the rooms.
So when the door is tapped on the minimap, the door opens/closes in whatever room the doors in, thereby blocking a monster from leaving that room and forcing it to use another exit.
Also when a door on the minimap is tapped to close, the previous closed door would open.
This would make the player think whether opening a door is a good idea and what the right time to do so is.


Don't make it too scary, remember there are little kids on hopscotch. :wink:


No.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sorry for the confusion ! I'm not making the game. I'm just making the music. All I needed was some body to make a character for the cover so that it wasn't just plain music .


@Sprinkles7 I made the room, how is that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I'll make the character too!


Okay ! Thanks but one question . Are you making the game or just a character ? Either one is fine , but originally it was just going to be a character.


I'll make Freddy too and send it to you


Awesome ! I can't wait to see it ! :smiley:


I can design the animatronics. Could I add Proxy the prototype?


Hey @PWALK3430 are you still making the Freddy ? Not meaning to rush you or anything but I'm just checking.


i have been sooooooooo filled up with homework and I haven't had time with it. itll be out in atleast 3 days. im sooo sorry! :frowning:


No that's fine ! Homework is so time consuming and such a pain to do ! I feel ya ! Take as much time as you need , there's no rush :sweat_smile:


I published the project with Freddy! I don't think he is good though, I couldn't use trails, only shapes so it was hard to make him. Hope you still think it is ok :blush:.here is link


O.M.G ! I just can't express my happiness right now ! It looks amazing ! Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for collaborating with me ! You are an OUTSTANDING coder. Thanks again . *gushes with happiness * you rock !


Oh ,and I published it awesome collab ;D


This was a great collab

Hope it got more attention