FMTL and OMTL? : Help



So we have a new tag list that is called the OMTL because @Rawrbear left. Then @Rawrbear came back again. Now I don't know if we use the OMTL or the FMTL. Please can someone tell me when to use the tag list and when not to use it it!

Okay peace!


We should always use the OTML, because that is monitored by PopTart and it is more secure. :smile:


First like! :3

Anyway, I am confused too... I'm pretty sure you have to use the OMTL tho because there were complaints...
I dunno tho...

  • You can only use the OMTL!
  • You can only use the FMTL!
  • You can use both!



I don't even know where to find it. :laughing:


How do you get the OTML? I don't know which topic it's in...

I came upon this one trying to find it XD


Go here to get the Official Mass Tag List.


Thanks! I've seen the FTML replaced with the OTML, I just couldn't find it.