Fluffybear games!(take two)


Hey there guys it's Huggingfluffybear and welcome to the annual FLUFFY BEAR GAMESSSSS

There will be 20 people joining and there's a theme, every week one person must go home....

But one will stand champion and take it all!!!

If you want to join just say what time zone and as well what day of the week would be good as well make sure your on for the day or you will be disqualified!

Rember only 20 people can join and then the games can begin Later...


Can I please have a link to the beat? I might be able to code it in Hopscotch :s


I meant bear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here's a link to the beat!

So would you like to join?


No thicks sorree :s


First like! Yay! Also, I saw the edit hehehehe I might be able to join, though I am very busy, is it a coding competition?




Okey! So do we make one project a week? If so, I may not be able to join.


It's fine!

Would you like to be a judge with me?



Pretty much.


Oh, ok. I might join. I'll have to think about it, sounds really fun though!


No thenks soree :s





Time zone: i have no idea XD but it is 9:12 pm right now
Day of the week: um ill pretty much be on until Saturday - usually before 5 pm


Can I judge the projects with you @Huggingfluffybear? Please?


I need to think about it!:grinning:



I think your In.