Fluffy Company (status: full)



Hi everyone, I am going to start a new company, called, you guessed it... Fluffy Company! I am going to allow 10 people to join, and here are requirements:

  • You don't need email to join
  • you cannot be new to hopscotch, but it's okay if your new to hopscotch forum : )
  • You need to get at least more than 4 likes to join.

Yes, we are going to have a account. The hacking situation is over, so don't freak out.

Current members:
Ihasfluffycupcakes (leader)
Phase Studios (co leader)
Friendship2468 (co leader)
GiraffeDolphin26 (member)
JonnyGamer (member)
Work kids codin (member)
SeaWolfWereHorse (member)
Snowgirl Studios (member)
Hoppertoscotch (member)
Fun in the sun (member)
GiraffeProductions (member)
RubyStars (member)
Glitter Kitty (member)
SabotageWarning (member)
GysvAndRegulus (member)


Btw I'm inviting people to see if they wanna join :wink:


@Ihasfluffycupcakes, can I be the co-leader? If not, then just a rank below co-leader will work for me. :wink:


Okay, you're in! Now I need to make the account


I was summoned.... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I can join! I have over 100 likes on one of my projects if that counts for anything..
For people who saw this edit, I clicked reply too early..


You in too! I made the account, I'll show you username and pass


Can I see it now? I am ready!


@Phase_Studios can I give you the username and password now?


I got it!!!!!!!!!


Ok! Now, do you have any ideas for a game?


I'm logged into the account, but can't do much for a while because of homework..:tired_face:
I'll be on this afternoon though!


Wait.. If you're both on the account one of you should log off or else the account glitches out!


I am on a computer at da moment!


Ok, good. And I think we should add a chatroom to the account so we can discuss our ideas for projects!


I will be off the account for a little bit, I need to charge my iPad...


Can I join? This sounds cool!


Ok! btw what's your time zone? I need to know when I can tell you the username and password


I'm in Pacific, so it is 9:13 am.


im in eastern, tell me when its an oka time to tell you username and password


ok, but I'll have to use my mom' email to do that. Or ill convince her to get me a hopscotch email. right now I really cant acess it thou