O Get ready get set GOOOOOO!

In this game 10 hopspctchers will compete together to fight till the end

Judges are

You will compete every weak

And that day someone will sadly be eliminated!

But don't worry I will make more soon!

Make sure when you are making the project to check back checking if there
were any "throw offs" throw offs are like "soandso take a 5 minute break!"

Hopscocth username
What timezone are you in!

Are you in list for me



Time zone - Eastern :smiley:i hope I can join :slight_smile:


You are in I hope we have everyone in eastern last time it was crazy!


Haha! I hope so too! What will we be doing/ making?


Mid west(Kansas,Oklahoma,Missouri)
Edit:I figure it out by my self though)


Well that depends on the weak! It's different!


Alright not bad! You are in!


Well, what going to be the first thing!!!! I need to write some ideas!!!


I am not telling yet..:zipper_mouth:


If it happens tomorrow for this week I can't because my b-day is then


:frowning: :slight_smile: ok! I'll be surprised :smile:


It's week not weak :wink:


I will figure out when the first one is soon!


Thanks! I will be on most of the time then


Friendly tag list approval by @BuildASnowman


can I join????? It said there was 8 spots left!!


Yes but fill in the details!


Time zone: Pacific (sorry :frowning: ) HS username:Razor64


vanillapowder and Eastern time zone!


What do u want me to do for a judge??