Fluffles Official Topic!



Okay! We all know the Porings. However, I have published their rivals, the Fluffles!

I will be making a collab account for this! To join, you must have first made a Fluffles project. I would recommend remixing mine. Have fun!




I'm on this side! But I also like smileys!


Okay! Would you like to join the account?


Idk! I don't think I can go on that often, I've been busy making something.




I am on the fluffles side I dis like porings


Im in!!


Use this site:
And tell me what email you get! Don't close the tab!




Can I join the fluffles?


I love them :smiley: GOOD JOB


Okay team!

Whoever wants to join must first make a project with Fluffles. I would recommend just remixing mine.



We are now 17th in trending!
We have about 25% of the likes that the Porings have, but they were published 2 days ago! That means we should hopefully catch them today!


@Gilbert189 I don't like remixing that much so I made my own :slightly_smiling: I hope that's ok with you, my hopscotch profile is Crazy_cake and here's the link https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xun1eib7s


You're in! Nice job!
Click on the link below, and don't close the tab until you get an email from me.


Me? @Gilbert189 (2020202020)


Yes! You're a member of the account now!


Will it get rid of my personal email that I use and my school email which I also use for my homework? I have never used one before @Gilbert189


Nope! It's just an email that you can throw away! Tell me the email you get, and don't close the link. I'll email you the account information!


Ok thank you! @Gilbert189