🌺 flowers update topic!

Which HQ did you choose in this update :eyes:

  • Red!
  • Blue!
  • Neutral/Mix!
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  • I like the color and playstyle more!
  • I like the playstyle more!
  • I like the color more!
  • I chose at random lol
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Also on a scale of 1-10 (1 being bad, 10 being amazing) how was this update?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
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also play it if you haven’t! :))

poll people :p : @Spy_Guy_96 @I_Cant_Code @ClownPig @Cobalt_Phoenix @bing @RoadOcean @William04GamerA @creamy_potat @Huney @DogIcing @Cutelittlekittycat @MarkerGames @KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon48673151 @Jdude_Codes @CanDyy @PizzaStudios


@I_Cant_Code @CanDyy Sorry haha but I added a second poll so can you vote in that also please :))



I’m literally SO excited to be free of this update so I can start working on way more fun stuff

I have so many cool ideas!! I’m planning to add enemies to the game in the next update or a feature similar to sprouts in bss!

Although I will have to duplicate this update 2 more times lol bc ima need to expand the gear in all 3 shops twice before its full sooooo


What kind of stuff would you all like to see in the upcoming enemies update? It’s going great so far!!


*also there are way more enemies than usual because I made them spawn crazy fast with no limit for testing

i might actually keep it this way tho as it’s pretty fun!


Maybe a way to hurt the enemy and it drops loot

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Already part of the update!

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Maybe like 2 team blue and red and you can choose which to be a part off and you get benefits from both

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Wdym? You don’t have to make a set decisions, it’s really just based on your gear

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You should have like pets or bees that links to flowers

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lol I mean in this update haha that’s an extremely massive update by itself :sob:

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You should have enemy’s have like levels which are on top of there health and the higher level the better loot

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Yeah more dangerous enemies will also have better loot, some enemies like the ladybug only run away when you hit them and don’t even attack no matter what

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You should have different worlds

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But there’s already other biomes /lh so it would basically just be having different biomes

Also I like your ideas i’m not trying to push them all to the side but this is an update focused on purely enemies, with maybe a biome to help flish out the idea more

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You should make a certain enemy hide and appear when your close

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That’s a good idea!

now should I be lazy and not code all of that ai or should I put it in :thinking:

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:red_square::orange_square::yellow_square::green_square::blue_square::purple_square: Important!

If I made a “Wiki” which would just act as a GitHub page, (not editable by others) which would give detailed information about every update, flower, biome, mob, item, etc. Would you use it/check it? PLEASE be honest as I don’t want to make/learn it if you wouldn’t use it

I wouldn’t take offense and would highly appreciate it if you shared your answers below! It’s much more effective when I can match up your answers since it gives a more clear pattern, even if you said you would never use it I still would like for you to tell me!

  • I would use it often.
  • I would use it occasionally.
  • I would maybe use it.
  • I wouldn’t use it.
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  • I would use it when an update drops, to see what was added in more detail
  • I would use it to view information about something in the game I’m curious about
  • I would use it when an update drops, to read the articles about what was added
  • I would use it as I’m playing the game to know more about the stuff I’m about to unlock
  • I would also use it for other reasons (reply)
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What are the two most important things you would look up to get more detail on?
  • Mobs/Enemies
  • Items
  • Flowers
  • Biomes
  • Weapons
  • Shops
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@Spy_Guy_96 @I_Cant_Code @ClownPig @Cobalt_Phoenix @bing @RoadOcean @William04GamerA @creamy_potat @Huney @DogIcing @Cutelittlekittycat @MarkerGames @KaylaTheFoxUwU @anon48673151 @Jdude_Codes @CanDyy @PizzaStudios @KingGuin87



i can make it for you if you’d like :D


Oh wow that’s be great! I’d much prefer if they were community made it because that’s how they usually work lol :sweat_smile:

Also it’d be easier since I don’t do GitHub haha

If you want me to tell you anything just say so! I can kinda explain what information I was planning to add and see what you think, or if you wanted to just make the page and me add the information that’s fine too, whatever you want! I can also tell you where to find information in the code as well if you wanted to personalize it how you want a little more and I may miss something

Thanks so much that’d be huge just tell me what you were thinking/ how you want to go about it! All I really request is that’s it’s formatted pretty similar to a normal wiki page, in terms of the actual page itself (idk if you can do those suggested articles at the bottom but those might not be possible)


Sure, I’ll make a mockup! What are your primary colours?

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