🌺 flowers update topic!

welcome to flowers!

flowers is a fun and simple resource collecting game where you collect flowers around a huge diverse map with tons of fun items and gear to get :sparkling_heart:

the game I currently in beta so it may be stable and subject to many, many changes but your progress will be saved! the game doesn’t have much content (level 1 is complete but level 2 is still in the works) but a lot of mechanics are still in the game which makes it very fun while still being easy to pickup!

this game is easy to play for beginners, and awesome to master! (especially with the next update that will have more gear types to really spice up the game!

i hope you love the game and have lots of fun!!


@pomtl @ShiningStars

status: running :green_heart:

the game is currently being worked on, but is designed for you to be able to play the game while it’s being made!

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Also whoever collects the most flower coins before the next update may get a special prize :))

What are everyone thoughts so far :eyes:

e: PLEASE and I really can’t say it enough but please please please tell me what you think of the progression as it should be perfect

also tell me how grindy you think it is to get everything pls pls pls!


i just started playing it, didn’t play much though since i’m very busy today but my first impressions were really good! i loved the pixelation and all the detail, the buttons looked a lot better and in general the designs perfect!


Thank you!! :blush: I’m glad you like it :))


It’s really cool!
I usually get bored easily with games like this but it had me hooked XD
Love the design, the gameplay, everything.
Awesome job.

I did think it was going to be grindy at first, but I think it’s a pretty good balance of working hard for it and ease of collecting.

I do want to note that sometimes it does this thing where it lags slightly right before crashing, but iirc it’s a bug with HS (unfortunately).
But since all your progress is saved I don’t mind it that much, just wanted to let you know.

Regardless of anything it’s an amazing game.
Can’t wait for the new updates!


Thank you so much! Glad to hear that the game is pretty balanced. My plan is to have some grindy stuff in the future to be optional for people who want to go the extra mile but still have the main progression :))

Yeah I’ve experienced the crashing thing before, I think the main lag as of now is too many flowers being spawned generally as that’s one of the only things I don’t have a limit to and going far away has some lag if you’ve been in another area in a while (I do have a system where any flower 1500 distance away from your character despawns but it may be to generous and there’s no clone cap)

I’m glad your excited for new updates :))


aaaa I want to work on the next update but I don’t want it to be filtered :sob:


This is like all of your games - well designed, original content and fun to play! Can’t wait to follow the progess on this one :blush:


Thank you! :smiling_face: I really appreciate it! if you want to follow along on development go here! but no pressure if you’d rather just pop in :))


I’ve signed up for everything, thanks for the tip:))


Thanks! The next updates going to be really cool :D


Looking forward to it!


Small Update

For updates like these that are super small i’m not going to notify anyone but just let everyone know as to why the game is filtered!

  • I added some things to the damage code to make it easier in the future for more complex and unique gear

  • I fixed a visual glitch with the snow flower (in the flowerpedia and sell menu)

  • I fixed a information visual glitch with the snow flower (flowerpedia)

  • I fixed a visual glitch with the yellow tulip (in the flowerpedia and sell menu)

e: the game will randomly go into the filter while i’m preparing for the next update! right before it releases flowers will be in downtime so i can add the new biome in it but the main part will take awhile


ok one little detail i love is the animation of the fountain just wanted to point that out haha


Thanks lol!


What’s the aim of the game?


Just to be the best flower collector :))


Where does it show how many flowers I’ve collected?


Your flowerpedia!