Floor Is Lava! (W.I.P) (PLEASE HELP)



OOOOK. So. I’m working on this AMAZING Project! (I think) and there are EEHHH. Some bugs. @IShallNotBeNamed has been helping me a bit. But still. !?!?!?!?!?!? Can you help me? @CodeHelp @POMTL @BlastFusion @DMF @JonnyGamer

The game is The Floor Is Lava

Ok. Here’s the project:

Here’s the Project I Shall Not Be Named helped:

Reminder: please don’t remix. I don’t have the new update…


ALSO! Feel free to tag others.


What bugs, can you like explain the how to play better? I don’t know what to do, there is like a flashing rectangle the whole time and number counting down


EXACTLY! that’s the bugs.


Ok so I’m trying to create the lava. The rectangle was going to be Color but…, it was weird.


@CreationsOfaNoob I know your here.


Any tips or help? Your a pro.


Do this:

game starts
Repeat 4

Repeat 25
Create a clone
Increase (x value) by 25

increase (y value) by 30
Set (x value) to 0


Object is cloned
Set position (x value, y value)
Set text (Unicode text, like the one you did your pokeball in) and set H: random 0 - 50 S: 100 B: 100
Set size: 80

As a result you should have something like the lava in my Minecraft parkour game


Hey can someone send a pic of what featured looks like now? I don’t have access to hopscotch currently :confused:


You mean like. Instead of a rectangle o use those blocks.


Use the Unicode blocks in a set text.
On hopscotch type up Minecraft parkour (or find it on game changers) and look at the lava
That’s what it’ll sorta look like



oooooohhh that’s for the lavA


The gameplay seems to be a little undone, so I don’t really know what to fix yet. But the “Help” text section doesn’t look correctly for me. The red text is between the background text instead of “over” it. But I’m excited, the game sounds really fun.


I’m helping him out on my Gt
We’ll get things sorted soon enough


@hopscotch-Curators this is info about it


Awesome idea! I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! :smiley:


Thanks! (Definitely didn’t spam like you)


I would help but the web player won’t work…also I can’t view the code


Hey @Jordan!
I think there are some things you should fix.
First, the lava looked a bit weird for me (I don’t know, probably my iPad destroyed the code):

I added

Repeat times 6.50

Set X to -20



and now it looks nicer:

Second, the lava kept flashing for me after the countdown is finished.
The code:

I added “Repeat Forever” instead of “Repeat Times 100”, and it stopped flashing:

Also, is the rectangle going to be a platform?


Thanks I was trying to tell him that he seemed to ignore me
I think he will do a 3D block which I recommended

By clunking these shapes together