Floating island project! Help needed! 4 Spots!



I need help for my floating island project.
I need a background( a little texture to match the island)
A better texture for the island
Some grass and dirt on top of the island(also needs texture)
4 People are needed left.

Friendly Mass Tag List


Link - https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwu90xg07

People who are helping to make this.


Really cool project! Sorry I don't have time, but good luck :D


Maybe I can try put me in to help!


I will help. I have school 2morrow, though


@Sugarisyummy what will you help do? There are the choices in the main topic
(Sorry for not calling you to help I totally forgot :confused:


Better texture for the island. You did call me I'm in friendly mass tag list!


Ok :DD


I want to help, but I'm afraid I'll sign up for something I can't squeeze in. I have very limited Hopscotch time, and I have an after school activity every day this week.

Back on topic, I bet this will turn out to be a really awesome project though!