Float (balloon game FEEDBACK!)


Hey! I finished a game called float https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xtqnstq6u I hope you all like it! Please vote the poll and comment below on how much you like my game and how it could improve! My dad already gave me the great idea is there are white balloons and red, you can't tap the red or you lose! Thank you! Crazy_cake

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I love it! I was on fourteen and then I was intrigued by two balloons that floated up in Broncos colors.


Haha lol!!! Almost :wink:


Looks Great.
Can you place instructions at the start about which to tap and which not to tap in the game?
An idea i have for you is you have to press the red balloons and drag them to the side of the screen before they reach the top.
When pressed you can have them set their x position to the last touch x position, but still have them moving up the screen.


That's a really good idea! I haven't made the second version yet but when I do it will have what and what not to tap :slight_smile: in this version the score destroyer one is anonymous :wink:


You should make the balloons pop when you tap them :wink: But AMAZING game!


Thank you! And good idea :wink: @Stick88



I'm with @Stradyvarious, though:


Thank you! @Rawrbear and I know I'm working on it :wink:


There could be a ballon with a ? on it, now when you tap this balloon it has a chance of:
Good stuff:
Giving you 5 points
Slowing all the balloons down
Disabling the Score Reset Balloon

Bad Stuff:
Setting your score to 0
Making all balloons Score Reset Balloons
Making the score forever count down. (this one is really as it means that you will have to fight the loss of score)


Awesome ideas! Thank you @AHappyCoder


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