Flight Saftey photos for project



Please edit the project with these photos.


What do you want done with these, I couldn't understand. Try being more specific :slightly_smiling:


Well if you see my project..... I put this post out so people can try coding themselves with my project... They have to bace it on this topic/photos... :slightly_smiling: :expressionless: :blush:


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WITWAYS WITWAYS WAWWATAP Do I REALLY have to explain it again?!?!?!?!


still don't get it :blush:



You mean you want to make a project about how to code, but then it's flight safety based?

P.s. Because I have knowledge of planes, I can't help telling you the plane type:sweat_smile:

It's a Boeing 737-800


Correct! Finally! Someone who understands!