Flex your coding muscles with the new update! 💪


Howdy, Hops!

We’ve got a piping hot update to help you build your coding strength!

Our new Hopscotch Skills are the workout plan you need to get your programming muscles in tip-top shape.

With this new update, you’ll master concepts like events and collisions as you develop problem solving skills and persistence. Plus, you will earn sweet badges for every skill you complete.

Hop To It teaches you how to make your character hop when you tap your iPad or iPhone.
Move Your Body teaches you how to make your character move when you tilt your device.
Show Me Your Moves takes movement a step further. Now you can control your character with buttons, just like in a game!
Bump It Up introduces the concept of collisions. Help Dino reach the gem!

We’ll be releasing new free and paid skills each month, so subscribe to Hopscotch for access to all of them.

(We also fixed a bunch of bugs in this update!)

Happy Hopscotching!


I just updated! It's great!

Thank you guys sososososo much! :D



If we already subscribed, will we automatically get the paid ones?




I think I've updated... lemme check

Aww, turns out only one new skill for the free.


Yup, if you're already subscribed, you're all good! As you complete each tutorial in order, the next one will unlock.


Kinda like swift playgrounds :D is that where you got the idea?

Cool, I'll update soon!


I love this new update!:heart::grinning: Thanks THT!:smile:


Do u have to be currently subscribed?




No actually! I haven't looked at Swift Playgrounds yet.


That's cool!

It's a cool app, and sometimes you have to get the character to collect a gem :D


I remember that! :smiley:



You guys always make the updates better and better!


I love it. You should do a set position one. (I use set position in every project so they look good.)


Do you have to subscribe to access the other skills, or is it just the first one that is free?


@Lightningstrike ahahahaha ha our tech department is a joke


Tru fact

Omg I'm frozen
I can barely type

But we did save a fish from dyin.g so yay




To bad I'm not able to subscribe well atleast I get one better than nothing​:wink:


Please stop insulting THT. It's not funny.