Flappy Golf polls


Hi everyone, I am going to be conducting a vote whether or not Flappy Golf should be on game changers. If majority wins ill be happy. THT I really want to make game changers. And this is so good, and suitable! I've said that its on the App Store and I've made the first version, and plenty of Hopscotchers have a
Said it should make it. Finally I'm doing a vote. @thank you for staying with me @liza, @rodrigo, @meg, @montoya, @asha! Thanks to everyone as well, I really want to be on Game Changers! (If you disagree could you justify your answers, thanks)

@everyone (sorry I dunno how to insert the omtl) please vote!

  • Yes, it should!
  • No it shouldn't.


Choose up to 2 options


Why did you make it so you can choose 2 options? That kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?


How do you edit the poll so that you can see who voted?


We can't edit post to public when there's votes and past the first 5 min


@liza SOMEONE CALLED MY PROJECT POO! Look above at the screenshot.


That's what happen when your project gets featured,
Just simply report it


Yes, because they're jealous they can't make such a good project. Don't worry, people are likely to notice it and it will backfire.


That's fine don't worry so much. It's fine it isn't mean or anything,...


I said you should be on featured, and you should be on game changers too!


It's okay, they're just jealous of your awesomeness!
Someone remixed my game and said, "Lame.." but if you checked their score, they'd been playing it for a long time... :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that's up for Hopscotch to decide. You can be nominated for featured but Game Changers are only a few games.

I loved Flappy Golf BTW!