Flappy Bird project Help!


I am currently making flappy bird but I am having troubles making a value for the score. Can someone tell me how to make a score value for going through pipes?


It's easy.
You make a new value called Score.

And you make a triggered command so when the bird comes through the pipes it does this command.

Increase Value [Score] by [1]

And then you make a new text object and name it Score
After you place it where you want the score to be.

You click on it, click Add New Rule.
chose When the play button is tapped and put this:
Repeat forever
Set text to Score (then Chose your colour)

Here, if you want I will make you a project with all the code i showed you


Thanks for the tutorial but I still don't get it. I would love it if you could make the project!


Sure just give me 5 minutes


Ok I will wait


Here is the project


It's not working for some reason


What's not working?
My project?


Here is a post that should help you.