Flappy Bird plz help


Can u help me make a score system for flappy bird

Flappy Bird project Help!

Yea, sure. You have to make a value. It is under the yellow tab.


Then what I know I hv to make a value but how do I make the bird that passes the pipes increase the value every time he passes a pipe


So make a rule. When bird x position is less then the pipes x position,


Then put "Set (new value) to one". Then put a check if once. "If (new value from last time) equals one, increase (score value) by one.


THen make another rule saying when birds x position is greater then pipes x position. Put in that rule set value of (new value from above post) to 0.


Thx :grinning: u were a great help


No problem. If you need any more, just post.


I know how to reply but I forgot how to post XD


Posting refers to replying and creating a new topic. To create a new tooic, go to the main page and click, "Ask a question"


You can learn how to make scores in the food fight video (in the create tab)




Glad they helped you!!