Flappy bird image edition released!


So a looooooong time ago, I release a game called flappy baby chick! You can play it here if you want: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xkpigxio8 its buggy and didn't work at all. That was way back when I still watched their videos. (Btw, @liza, can you make more videos!?) so I've completely remade my flappy baby chick game into... drumroll please. Bu du bu du bu du bu dum CRASH! Flappy bird image edition! It's harder, has better graphics, actually "works", and guess what... uses images! I'm making the most of my images free trial by making lots of games using images! You can play the better version here: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y7fd57hnr it's still waiting morderation, so I don't know if you play it, but I can't wait till it's released! I hope it gets featured for being the first of its kind!


Cool. It'll probably get featured (especially since a picture of cheese with repeat forever and a default ability got featured)


Also, when the image edition is released, post your highest score. AND PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THE VARIABLES TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU GOT LIKE 295 POINTS!! That's unfair to the people who actually played.


Kewl! Great job! :thumbsup:

Maybe make the bird bigger so it's more difficult?


Did you play the old one?


yeah people have done that with my games so I'm like: nice try. It's only cheating yourself


That one does not work. On the new one, the bird is much bigger.


I HOPE! It would be my first featured! I don't know how some people have like 8 featured and around like 10 trending! I've never even gotten trending... :frowning:


Yeah I saw :blush:

Anyway the new one is still amazhanger!! Awesome and looks like the actual thing!

Maybe add alternate birds? And again make the bird a little bigger so it's harder?
Lol I still haven't gotten Bronze :joy:

Also you could add the turning but of the bird?

Other than that, great job!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Most of your projects deserve featured more than that picture of cheese. I'm sorry I just have a serious problem with a picture of cheese using no effort code getting on featured


They have been on for ages though so have made gajillions of projects :stuck_out_tongue:

And you'll get there! You'll definitely get there quicker than me :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopscotchin since October 2015


The bird does turn you just can't notice. I'll unupload it so I can make those changes! Thanks for the advice!


I meant ages as in since like 2014, the Dinosaur times…


No prob!

Maybe make it more noticeable (the turning)?

Not a big deal but meh


WOAH!! 2014 is like... 1000000 years ago! Also, here's the updated link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y7drjd0m8 still trying to find pictures of alternate birds on google.


Ahhh, here's one:


That's great!

Idk what else lol. Reduce any lag? Make it faster? Something? Eat a banana?


Actually there're a few on there :stuck_out_tongue:


I can't play the game. The links don't work,