Flame War Prevention


what is a flame war?

a flame war is preaty mutch an argument on the forum. Flame wars can literly destroy a topic. Most times when there is a flame war the topic gets lounged orclosed due to flags

what is lounging?

The lounge is an regular exclusive catagory. When a flame war breaks out or an ofensive topic is made than it gets put into the lounge. If one of your topics is put in the lounge and yiu try to open it you get this screen:
(Ima lounge a topic i made on my alt but i dont have a screenshot yet)

How do flame wars start?

They ushaly start with a disagreement or an ofensive statment
in one extreme case one started with constent folowing of a person, saying pepole are not humans and other stuff like that.

How to prevent them

if you see a flame war starting you can flag the peraon who started it if they made an ofensive starement. If one starts over some random thing like a disagreement about the wording of a post than you can try to tell them to leave it be. If none of it works you can leave the topic and go do somethign else with your life
Probably the best way to avoid flame wars is to leave the hopscotch forum forever but that is a very extreme course of action to take.

If you have any sugestions of things to add plese tell me. Third post is on global edit


Great topic and explaination!


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Hi this is a great topic, but when I lounged a topic everyone got mad, it just mad the causer even more angry.

Great topic everything is well worked on!


Great topic! You should work on fixing the typos though


1)those words are not inaprporiet in any way
2)Half the time aoutocorect corrects to french words and is generally rely annoying


Someone is flagging all my posts on their two accounts help.


Hmm maby you shouldent have been rude


I wasn’t. I was giving constructive criticism. I’m out. I’ve got anime to watch instead of get bullied by someone.


You literly told pepole to flag the topic. That is not constructive or critasisam


Because he was rude and it’s not needed for the forum


I think it was not rude and is very mutch needed


Well-written topic and explanation! Good Job @PartTimeFemale


if this isn’t a joke I will cry


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Because it is spam