Flags don't matter ;D



Hi! I made this topic because a lot of people have been getting upset because of flags and wanting regular. I just wanted to remind everyone that flags and regular don't matter :)

Okay, so what did you do last time you got a flag? Did you get upset? Did you make a whole new topic just asking why your post was flagged? Or did you just accept it and move on? That's what I do every time. I just look at the notification, think about why it was flagged, and forget about it. It's just a flag on a website, it's not important. Even if someone flags you for no reason. It's still just a website. I know unnecessary flagging is bad, and it does have to stop, but it's not the end of the world if and when it happens ;)

Regular is the same. It's just a website for talking about code and Hop, not where you gain popularity and reach your ultimate life goal of getting regular. When I got regular, I just thought, "Oh cool, new trust level!" And I did not make a topic for it, or get upset thinking I'm gonna lose regular every time I got a flag.

This website is about Hopscotch, not ranks. If you get regular, or already have it, cool. If you make a new Hopscotch project or learn a new coding language, AWESOME!!!! :D

Now I've said all that I wanted to say, except for one more thing: Don't make a topic asking what to do to get regular, asking why you don't have it, asking why you lost it, or announcing that you got it. These topics are unrelated to Hopscotch, which is what the forum is about. And don't say, "it's related to the forum" either because this is the Hopscotch forum. So technically, anything that's not related to Hopscotch, also isn't related to the forum. (Unless it's a topic like this or something, it doesn't need to be made) ;)

Thanks for reading! Sorry if I offended anyone, this topic wasn't intended to :)


There are a bunch of people who just say that. Sometimes I think that the flagging is bad and hurtful, other times I think that it's no big deal. But still.....


I think flagging actually helps the flagged person improve on how they word things, it might help them do better next time if they said it wrong and it sounded insulting or something the first time :)


Great topic! I have never gotten a flag, but if I were to get one and it wasn't flagged for no reason, I feel like it would be a way of telling us to be nicer. Some people however do not care about flags or suspensions. For regular, I just thought it would be cool to do the wiki edit, and I wanted to access a few lounged topic. I also felt like it gave me a more higher rank in the community since I am not well known on HS.


i remembered my first flag, and i was petrified.

i was super scared, thinking i did something majorly wrong

(which it really wasn't, i have no idea why it was flagged)
but i do get your point, flagging really doesn't matter, you may feel bad about it, but hey, it's normal.

@sophia71205 you are a sacred creature.


Are you talking about the no flag thing?


yep lol


There are more people with no flags than just me. I think @KayKat does not have any. Some people just have flags because people spam flag their topics.


I think that it is sometimes hurtful, that's all. Not always, sometimes people just put up a big useless protest against it. That's my point. It depends on the person who flagged the topic and what the topic actually was.

        It depends on topic, (whether it is Hopscotch-related or something totally inappropriate),  the person who flagged it himself, and if the topic just got into a really big mess.


That is a very good point ;D


I agree. But it's really only because I feel like if I act the way I do now, I'll never be flagged again hopefully :)


Yeah, when your new to the forum or haven't ever gotten a flag, getting your first one does hit you most of the time (depends on the person), and this is probably because you probably didn't know know what happens when you are flagged, how bad they are, or something else, I dunno. Anyways I understand most of the time why someone would get upset about their first one ;)


Thanks! And that is cool :)


I have been flagged twice. Once was unnecessarily, and the other was because I said I hate a type of topic.


Right; flags are just hints that push you in the right direction that don't want to make you discouraged, but set you on the right way of success (and no off-topik-ness)!


Oh, flags are one of ten most normal things here. You are always going to cross someone's line in your life and vice versa.


@Elemental_Cat is trying to prove points and she gets flagged for seemingly no reason at all. Why is she getting flagged


Cool topic!

I've never been flagged...so I don't know the feeling


I've been flagged unfairly and I got very angry, not because of the regular. I don't care about regular.

I feel offended when I get flagged. I feel like two or more people thought my post, that was HELPING A FELLOW FRIEND, was inappropriate. I don't know who it was, but it still intrigues me until this day. Flags don't make me improve, they make me wonder why I ever got them, because I didn't deserve to be flagged one bit.


I understand what you're trying to say, but something's bugging me a little here. The person that this topic is obviously pointed at (which isn't very nice in and of itself,) was very sad and angry. You don't just wave that away and tell her it's silly to get upset. Nobody likes that. ://

And the incident wasn't just about regular. It was about someone actually being mean to her. It wasn't all about the flags, okay? In her defense, she easily might not have known there were other topics like the one she made. We can't assume someone knows everything you do.

Which brings me to our next point, which is the fact that someone should have told her politely that there are already lots of topics like this. But they didn't and just flagged the post. She was trying to get regular, and that just set her back a few steps. D:

And yes, I know, you're telling us that regular is a petty thing to worry about. But it isn't anyone else's problem if she's working to get it, no matter how pointless you think it is. You don't go up to people and tell them their goals are silly and useless.

So, she got upset. Then she made a topic about how you shouldn't spam-flag or flag without a warning or reason. It had no flaggable content. Guess what? Somebody randomly flagged it. By now she's even more upset, because it seemed like someone's trying to hurt her. ;-;

Recently she made a perfectly fine topic that shouldn't have been flagged... someone flagged it. Someone is most likely out to get her by now, but even if they aren't, she has every right to be upset. She's getting set back from her goal (no matter what that is,) and now she's being told that she's silly for it. ://

Look, I'm not trying to be mean. I'm sorry if it came out that way. Just try to put yourself in the other person's shoes, think how they might feel, okay? c: