Flagging Posts and Topics



I understand what you mean. If you are referring to -1 and +2 and similar stuff, people might take that as spam because that they often are off-topic and can be count as spam.


its not just for spam the spam section, it includes vandalism and stuff that is not relevant to the topic.

since you and your scoobygang does stuff that is trollish/ annoying-ish i’d assume people wouldn’t be happy with you, your gang, your posts, and your topics.

so yeah…

and its not like other stuff people do that is questionable shouldn’t get flagged as well, but unlike everyone else, you guys like to yell out about your existence, so it’s no wonder you’re at the top of the priorities list.


Yes, I guess in a way, that is spam.

Sorry for our misunderstanding.

I guess constantly posting messages (not necessarily spa.mming the same thing all the time) does kinda count as spa.mming.

We hope you feel more welcome to the forum!


Haha very funny. You’ve given me way more spamlikes than that.

And actually, I dont think ive ever gotten flagged ever


Ummm… bro. You’ve made a topic unrelated to hopscotch before…


I can see when you link to me.


I flag things that are obviously inappropriate and mean, like stuff with threats, bad words or content that shouldn’t be on here.


Nice topic: I like how you made your questions very clear, concise, and easy to answer!

The one I wanted to answer is this one: If I don’t see the point in a topic should I flag it as spam?

I think that just because YOU don’t see the point in a topic, it doesn’t mean others don’t. Sometimes, the point may be so easy to see, but for others it may take a little deciphering. So gather your research before you flag. Ask them: why did you make this topic? If they don’t have a reasonable answer, then yes, I think then it would be right to flag. But flagging is like reporting on any social media, and should be taken much more seriously then we are right now.


Yes thank you for your answer! That is exactly how I feel! it really bothers me when topics get flagged as spam without an obvious reason why

Thank you


Why do we flag posts? So that the post is hidden from the community. A mod or leader will see your flag and take care of it.
What counts as spam? Random posts. Not necessarily unrelated to Hopscotch/forum, but random topics (e.g. “Porpoises are cute uwu”) that aren’t in #random-stuff.
If I don’t see the point in a topic should I flag it as spam? No, unless it is completely pointless, like that one time somebody made a topic containing a music video that began with a picture of an…I’m gonna skip that part.
If I don’t like a person can I flag them as inappropriate? No. You shouldn’t flag if you’re mad or disagree with a person, unless you feel insulted by the post.
Just my opinion. The Community Guidelines will probably give better info, though.

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