Flagging Posts and Topics



On Flagging

Let’s discuss:
When is it really necessary to flag a post or a topic?

Flag rule 1
Is the post/topic inappropriate in anyway: as in, does it swear, make fun of people, personal info, etc. ?

Flag rule 2
They tag omtl constantly; act disrespectful; etc

Here’s some more questions
Why do we flag posts?
What counts as spam?
If I don’t see the point in a topic should I flag it as spam?
If I don’t like a person can I flag them as inappropriate?

So many people have been flagged lately
Is there another way to respectfully approach a person instead of hurting their status on the forum??

Thank you for your time


I see your thinking.


Here you go. This is my Opinion


Probably something to consider. However though, the HS Forum still lets you see flagged posts.


That is true
When a person gets flagged 2 times their post gets hidden, so it’s easy to target people if you have alts



So you’re saying spam is things not relating to HS, and topics that don’t relate to HS or probably don’t are spam and should be flagged

I need to think about this hmm


I created this account-@GenerousCoder to help attack posts that don’t follow guidelines.
Unfortunately, I forgot the email I used to create this account. And the password.


I hate those free phone websites


(Not saying -1 is spam)


Hey flag that message, it used bad language


Maybe you could respectfully approach the person before you flag


I don’t get it.

Why do they target phones for free-phone websites?


@Petrichor :
pokes flag button


Yeah that’s a much better idea


@petrichor did not flag that


I find when Petty likes stuff he flags them but ok


How do u get those profile pics?


He’s that cool


Excuse me

Are 1.3k of @FearlessPhoenix’s posts flagged?


This is what I would call spam.
Did the link work?