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Should we report off-topic posts?


Yeah. I know. You know with my little bug glitch thing, people flagged my poll post asking if you think the bug is annoying. It got hidden because of that. Then me, being the frustrated person I always am, ask why it was hidden on that topic and that got flagged and hidden, too! I FEEL LIKE THERE IS A ROBOT THAT SPAMS THE FLAG BUTTON ON RANDOM POSTS!!!!


How do you put up those little clip things, anyway?


I think you type the code as in an image, but as a .GIF instead. I'll test it out here:

Did it work? I don't think so. I'll edit it if not. EDIT: It worked! Yay!

Back on topic, I think we should flag off-topic responses. If it's a very serious topic and all of a sudden someone says "LOl whatr u doin l8tr?", it's obvious it should be flagged.


But how did you make it work in the first place?

How to put GIFs into forum posts

What do you mean? I'll make a separate post about this so this post doesn't get cluttered :wink:


Yeah, that's probably a good idea!


I think if a post isn't directly on topic but still contributes positively to the Community (e.g. "I love your projects!") then it's okay for it to be there. If a post would be better off on another topic, maybe we could give a reminder.

But yeah if it's totally outside Hopscotch (like the weather) and not helpful to anyone should we report it? Or maybe remind the person first?

It's important to let people know what they've done wrong if they've done something wrong, so they know not to do it again and why it shouldn't be done. If something is clearly inappropriate or hurtful, then they should know.


Great questions! If something is inappropriate, offensive, or mean, it should be flagged. If something has no relation to Hopscotch stuff, like saying "Albert Einstein was a genius", try replying to that the post and letting the person know that the forum isn't the best place to share this kind of stuff. If they're not interested in keeping the conversation about Hopscotch, then we can flag their posts. But, let's start with a helpful reminder of why we're here.

Sound good?

Hmm... I know! Lets
What should I make (poll included!)

Yeah, @Liza I get randomly reported for spam. I never get told by who, but I do. It probably isn't animest or whatever that checking bot is called because multiple people flag it for it to be hidden and it got hidden.


Yep that's great :smile: Thanks Liza


Reviving this topic!!!


@Seasons good idea. Also:

Welcome To The Forum!

(No flags, it's still related to hopscotch and I just wanna say that please)


Reviving this topic!


Unless it's an Albert Einstein Collab. :stuck_out_tongue:


Another revival?

I'm going to start showing this topic to the newbies upset when they are flagged on their first few days. :slight_smile:


This is a great reminder!

So I revived it. XD


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