Flagging for no reason at all?

Ok, is kinda annoying that I spend 10 minutes working on a topic that gets flagged and UNLISTED in the first minutes is post it. None of the staff didn't even unlisted it, so I don't know how it got unlisted. My point is, the topic was not a bad topic, and was kinda off topic, but it was creative. I thought creativity was allowed here.

You tell me what you think

  • They flagged for no reason
  • They flagged for a little bit of no reason
  • They flagged for a little bit of a good reason
  • They flagged for a good reason


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I'm sorry I'm making a whole topic on this. It's just ridiculous that a topic that I spent 10+ minutes planning got flagged after the first minute it was up.


I think that making Pokémon cards was Hopscotch related


I wasn't making the cards in hopscotch, but it's still creative, and creativity is allowed.


Posting anime pics isn't being flagged, but offering to draw pics on request is flagged.
I think the rule is don't be so helpful and creative


Right... because art requests OBVOUSLY aren't allowed.


THis stuff happens to me all the time

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Oh. It's hard to tell through a screen with no tone of voice. xD


lol okay now I'm emabarraassed roast me zachyswag


WE is frens but it was a joke man

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Come on...

You know I don't like jokes like that.

Wait what I thought
Nvm just roast me

@Stradyvarious I wasn't telling you to delete the post.

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Thought what?

You are @Cash right?

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Yea but I thought you'd be like yea I'm embarrassed

No. Why would I admit to being embarrassed? In fact, I never was.

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Roast me for hurting yo feelings man

I don't like roasting peeps.

@NeoPixel I'd like to order an OMTL for $0.00

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Your OMTL has been delivered. Sign here please.

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