Flagging for good reasons




I made this topic because I was just flagged for the first time...
I thought I would never get flagged, so now I'm a little terrified.

And it was for a very good reason.
Getting off topic and talking about noragami. :sweat_smile:
Its so good though

And @Liza told me I could edit it... So I decided to.
I made it related to the topic by saying I would try to draw it.

But I also have lots of other ones that are flag-g-able.

Like lots *all of my Kagamine Len posts that get very off topic...

You can tell me to delete them or not....

At least one of them was sort of on topic?
It was asking about drawing Len for me.

So I guess...


But I am very sorry for being very off topic on your topics!
It was very disrespectful of me to not follow your rules.

Thank you!


I'm out of laiks or I would laik this
It's not often you find great topeec liek this!


Thank you!
I've been finding a LOT of topics about unreasonable flagging.
And I think this is the only one with reasonable flagging!


SBYP is always a guuuud thing to do
And I'm surprised this hasn't been made before!


Making some history in the forum!
I believe...


If it's about drawing, talking about drawing is fine. Other stuff isn't, though.


Only one Len post was about drawing...


Okay, now I'm even MORE terrified.
Because @Liza also said if it was flagged twice, I could get suspended from my account.



So I'll go ahead and delete those unrealated posts, thank you...y


Well, lesson learned for me...

Don't post too many Otaku posts on random topics.


You wouldn't get suspended. :)
The post will be only be deleted.
^^^ I'm pretty sure. XD
Is you do something really bad, then you will get suspended.


I got another flag...


Wait. XD

It's get flagged twice and have the mods confirm the flag. XD