Flagging Comments 101


what black scrubble?


You scribbled something out on the photo of your flags


I did? Porgsporgsporgs


This is Edited…


This topic is really awesome! But it is also weird how posts got flagged for no reason, in a topic that was about flagging


When the flag helping 101 topic gets flagged down :ok_hand:

Yikers :frowning:


What was nindroid scribbled out flag?


I agree with you! I’ve seen some spam-flagging on the forum lately as well.


Thankfully half these flags were revoked here XD

Mine, glowcumber’s, and most of nindroid’s were unflagged


You can un-flag something? Or does it just happen?



It’s reply, not comment.


Lol nearly half the posts on a topic about flagging got flagged
I’ve gotten flagged 6 or 7 times
One of them was for being off topic on my general topic and another was for telling someone they already had three general topics


Di got flaged cause i couldent think of ankther word to use other than the f word (i did censor it tho)


And that’s the way the news goes


Okay! This topic is back in action!
Just to let you guys know, I did not flag anyone on this topic. I have no clue what is happening.

@Petrichor I am so sorry that you got 8 flags!
I feel really bad for you and for everyone else that got flagged during this whole fiasco!

Thank you guys for still showing support for this topic!
I am trying to personally investigate the issue because I really don’t know what happened. It is actually kind of ironic that this happened to a topic about flagging.
If anyone knows any information about this, please let me know!

Also, just as a little side note, who changed the name of this topic? I changed it back!


There was a conundrum :frowning:


What do you mean?


I don’t know, I just saw a bunch of flags
Or something

Kind of ironic on a help with flagging topic :joy:


some angry ■■■■■ lmao


lol its cause i exposed them i used system to make new pms to peeps