Flagging Comments 101


This topic is extreemely helpful although I knew most of it!

It would be very useful for new comers! Well done!


Me too but they removed that ability so now I can only pm certain people. Anyone can pm me, though


what how??? tell pls lmao


You go here and rewuest to join


where is here

doesnt show anything lol


Oh whoops

Just go here

Or here

Or forum.gethopscotch.com/groups/NindroidTester


i think ur doing links incorrectly lmao

the last one worked


I love how half of the posts here are flagged lmao


No the first to weren’t links and the post before that was glitchy


oh lol ok then, that is weird hmm


It doesn’t work with either hmmm.


Ok I don’t remember how to do that one


Very great topic.

I knew all of it but I appreciate that it’d be good for newer users and less informed members.

I also love that there are unnecessarily flagged posts on a topic about not unnecessarily flagging posts:

These two were probably flagged to spite the poster.

I’ve only been flagged by Anonymous

Flagger: Not anymore >:D

What happens when you’re flagged?

Flagger: Here, find out for yourself.

And then:


The only reason this could’ve been flagged was because @Sensei_Coder said she s*cked. It’s a swear word now? I have to have it censored because I can’t trust the members of this forum to think about HOW it’s being used rather than just the fact that it’s been written?

Normally, I wouldn’t be upset about something off-topic being flagged since one of my topics was closed because Anonymous was spamming off-topic things. (It said temporarily and still hasn’t been reopened, rip).

Anyway, what bothers me, is this:

Do you guys even READ?! :joy:


This just proves my point further.


omg now this got flagged HAAAA

please note the irony here: I talked about my past experience about flagging and the post got flagged

but who the heck flagged this lolol


I’m honestly even more confused about @Got_This_Glow’s flag than my own XD


This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.


This topic was automatically opened after 4 hours.


I got 8 flags from here what the heck


this has been edited


What’s the black scribble?