Flagging Comments 101


Hey guys!
I really wanted to talk about flagging comments today! I am going to discuss a few points, such as my experience with flagging, which comments to flag, and how to deal with a flagged comment!

My Experience with Flagging

When I first started on the forum, on this account, on October 2017, I didn’t want anything off-topic or somewhat mean on my topics, which I think everyone wishes for. So, any reply that was going off-topic or I would consider sort of mean, I flagged. And you wouldn’t even believe the amount of backlash I got for it. I think I forgot to realize that a, forum reputations are at stake here, and b, people may not get to regular just because I flagged their comment. So, my suggestion to you is set boundaries for you and your readers. Let them know to what extent you will reach before flagging a comment, before they are surprised with a flag. Make sure you let them know the expectations!

Which Comments to Flag

This sort of goes hand in hand with my experience, and this really depends on your liking. I would say that is a comment has a bad word or inappropriate/controversial topics discussed in it, it should be automatically flagged. If the comment insults you and makes you or another forumer feel hurt and bad, there is no question: it should be flagged. But personally, if a comment is off-topic, then maybe it would be better to just type up a short comment and post it in the topic, reminding your readers to stay on-topic. If it gets totally out of hand, maybe you should flag a comment or two. It really depends! At the end of every topic, remind your readers to stay on topic and to be nice!

Dealing with a Flagged Comment

I, for one have never had a flagged comment, so I personally do not have much experience with this. If you have some experiences you would like to share, let me know in the comments section down below.
Don’t let it get you down. One flagged comment does not mean you should quit hs and the forum! If you have a flagged comment, just try to make up for it by liking your favorite topics and posts, replying with positive and constructive suggestions, as well as your thoughts/views!

So, the main reason I am making this topic is because recently on the forum, I noticed many good and well-thought out responses are somehow getting flagged. I have no idea why, but I just wanted to attempt to put a stop to this! If you are flagging something, it HAS TO BE FOR A GOOD REASON!

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I would love to hear from you! Comment your thoughs down below!
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This topic is very informative, thanks! This will help a lot of other users!


Great Topic!
It’s nice to see some people stepping up :ok_hand:


Can I join the tag list?
Great topic btw
I’ve been flagged twice for making a not good topic that didn’t have anything to do with hopscotch
The other flag was just from an angry person


i have only been flaged once and that was for cursing


I got flagged once before for saying the phrase “I súck”. I just laughed it off, since it was a pretty lame flag, if you ask me.

If I had gotten flagged during a flame war, I would probably be really mad, so I would just get off the forums for a while until I was calm again, so the chance of getting another flag isn’t too bad.



My first flag was when I said, “We are all hackers, (in technical terms) because we are editing a program”

Maybe it wasn’t the best thing to say on a hacker awareness topic


That’s a great tip, to laugh things off. That is sort of a pretty lame flag!
I think it was smart to get off the forums for a bit to sort of cool down before you say something you will regret. That is a really really good tip!

Yeah, maybe that wasn’t the best thing to say. :smile:

Thank you @yaygirls and @JonnyGamer

I would prefer if you guys didn’t share who you were flagged from, just to be respectful! Thank you!
It’s awesome to hear all of these experiences, new tips, and other lessons about flagging you guys have learned! Thanks for that!


I don’t know who flagged me
That was back in 2015 lol




i hav like 80 maybe 120 idk


i have a lot of flags

to laugh at
i once wrote every swear I could think up in a post and posted it, well, the post glitched and none of them were censored lol


my first flags were when I first joined and I thought that the drawing topic was reserved to some people only so I made a new topic to post some of my art


I thought I was part of your tag list. But I guess not. Can I join your tag


This has been edited for good reason


You get a pm


What’s that???


Oh, okay Thanks!!!,!


Except you most likely won’t have nearly as many


lol i used to make those pms into pms with other peeps