Flagged Unnecasarily


I'm not allowed to post anything mean people posted for me, so I guess this topic is closed.


Post that on Hopscotch


I can't, because it's flagged, and if you repost a flagged project it becomes blocked instantly


Wow this is just so rude. Why do you have so many HATERS!!!! I feel so bad for you


I meant like copy & paste this note


It's just like my friend life.




Yea, I thought of doing that, but it makes me feel like I tampered with evidence :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Maybe I will tho


I have. So much comebacks that could roast them, but this is hopscotch so I can't :disappointed:


Uh, first of all. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That first pic is a totts lie peoples!!!!!! #@ORANGESCENT1 IS AMAZING!!! Second of all, people are disgraceful, annoying, and can be total brats!!!! Just because you are amazing that doesn't mean you can just go around day that @OrangeScent1 is horrible. She is an amazing Hopscotcher and YOU CANNOT DENY!!!!!!!!! All of those haters, have respect for all of the others on Hopscotch and wherever you are and whoever it is!!!!!!!!!!!! THIRD OF ALL, don't be so rude and disrespectful to others on Hopscotch and anywhere else on the internent and in the real life world.



Yeah, @OrangeScent1 and @PopTart0219.
In Hopscotch, everyone (okay, some people) attack me for my talent, steals my stuff, and pretty much tries to bully me.
In real life, same thing.
I like to talk with boys because I find gossip hard to speak about.
I like talking about guns, or daggers, or weird mur der stories.
And then the girls get... jealous of me, I guess.
Say that I should just leave.
They steal my stuff.
They broke my most prized possesion-
The gift that one of my friends gave me for my bday-
a glass heart
along with mine.


Tell those annoying jer˛ks that cannot do anything to you or I will do something that you could never think of. Pretty sure that they will scare them off @LotsaPizza. I can give better advice just letting you know @LotsaPizza.


This is why Hopscotch is bae.
You have awesome ppls.


U r su awswome, want to be Hopscotch Forum friends and Hopscotch friends? I love helping people out and being nice to others, it is so fun and kind of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY @LOTSAPIZZA CAN PRESS:
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I have repeatedly said that haters are just jealous, and I'll say it again:
Take it as a compliment!
I just realized that I sound really annoyed and aggressive, which I totally am not! Just trying to make you feel better!


Well I have a thing to say then I am done. One single word, a word that will forever haunt me. Deat h. I am a child of that and will forever be. I walk a fine line between to forces life and that.
Here are some pictures a found on Instagram.

Both of these describe me. Mainly the last one. Read the things in the background. I cover up that saying I am fine. This stuff doesn't make me cry I makes me sad and angry. Two emotions that don't work together well.This could be why some of them are hate. They want to vent their feelings.


This makes me sad, but for a different reason then you'd think...

It makes me sad that they're are people that actually think it's funny to be rude and obnoxious, or that they think because they're behind a screen that they can get away with it.

It also makes me sad, is if it's a way to vent, like what @BlackDawn said, about how they might be depressed or in an unstable environment, that they'd use b u l l y i n g to cope.

And though it saddens me, it also enrages me, to see other people behave like this, and make fun of each other! ARGH!!

Also, to @LotsaPizza, I'm really sorry of what happened to you, that's horrible and unacceptable, like, I have a lot of friends who're guys but I've never had anyone be jealous of me because of that :pensive:

(Btw I made it into a [ details = ] [ / details ] because it's really long)


It is like how a bully is sometimes at some point was bullied.


First of all, I hate this as well and it needs to stop.
Second of all I think one person is doing this, every time they get banned they just create a new account. That's what I think anyways...


Cheers to you @Follow4LikesOfficial. Cheers to you. :slightly_smiling: