Flagged topic. No need to look



I just want to see whether it is worth coming back, depending on how many notifications I have.
This may seem like begging for likes, though it isn't.
I just don't find that the forum likes me anymore, not that it ever did...
So yeah.
I'll come back tommorow.
See what happens!


Seeya tomorrow.

Schemes to spam Trendygirl...


And It's just to see how many people actually want me.



don't leave we want you here!


Only for 16 hours from 9:00pm GMT TIME


I'm back for awhile, probably the whole thanksgiving break I have..... then I will take a break and only be on for weekends and- I'm sorry! If you want to leave, that's okay. Everyone moves on at some point.


See ya later!:grinning: But do you really need a topic to announce this. It's just for one day.:confused: You shouldn't leave because you don't think your getting attention.:confused:


In my opinion, there's no need to wait for notifications. :)

Even if no one cares (this will not happen! D:), you shouldn't leave because of that! Just post everywhere and you'll see yourself bonding with others immediately.

But if you'll leave, you have no chance of ever getting to know the community we have here.