Flagged and Removed Every Post


Hey @Ian and @liza, I've been having trouble because my last 2 moats when I got back on forums have been flagged and removed for "spam"! My first post was removed but it was a thanks to all my followers and an answer to everyone who wants to make a project with me! After that got removed, I edited it so it was just to whoever wants to make a project to me, and then it was removed for "spam" again! If this doesn't get resolved soon I might quit forums. Please help :disappointed:-Gavin's Games


Spell check :expressionless: I meant posts not moats


DO NOT QUIT! I have probably already have had 10 flags in the past month!


It's very irritating though @phase_studios


DON'T QUITE. Yes it is annoying but that's what other people think you know it's not a spam you know your just thanking people so don't quite because you know that you're not doing the wrong thing.@Gavins_Games


Spell check QUIT not QUITE


Don't be discouraged by flags. They're just a way of reminding people to follow the Community Guidelines. Posts that are flagged which are fine are unbidden by the Hopscotch Team and forum moderators.


Now Akismet has "temporarily removed one of my posts because it's a "scam". I like how they say "temporarily" because it's been hidden for a day.


And now it's unhidden :smiley: Akismet just scans through posts of new users to make sure they aren't robots trying to post and hides posts just in case. If the post isn't spam and it's okay, then the Hopscotch Team or forum moderators will unhide it. It was temporarily hidden for just a day until the Hopscotch Team checked it.


Just because you got some flags on your posts doesn't mean you should quit! Its like a small reminder to stay on-topic or have posts/topics that are Hopscotch-related. You can read the guidelines also. You shouldn't quit for just getting flags on some of your posts. Just remember to be on-topic and don't be inappropriate.


@t1_hopscotch, I hope you won't misread me for so saying, but you (more, perhaps, than the other shield-bearers) are so vigilant and responsive to these melochi, that I can't help wondering how you have time to do anything besides keeping this engine running. Bravo.

I wonder what the statistics are, in terms of issue-management, posts and other activity, comparing your presence to that of, say, the architects, like Liza and Ian and Alish (...and whom am I leaving out?).

By all indications, you are a student. That means plenty of other demands on your time. And, yet, you are able to survey this noisy landscape and to deal with all the "flags" and many posts (and let's not forget the "i quit"-ers), resolving issues, occasionally offering guidance on code and periodically writing bits of it yourself... without missing a beat? It brings to mind the movie, Limitless.

You deserve, I think, the community's largest cookie. Would not the community agree? It's a pity, this is all I am able to offer: :cookie:

Thank you, and best wishes in all else.



Aw thank you @oio :yum: You're a great contributor to the forum too.

The Hopscotch Team does check up on the forum very often to review flags and posts temporarily hidden by Akismet – it's just you don't see them reply to everything they'd like to because they have other things to focus on too.

I check Akismet and the flags too. We all can't be on the forum 24/7, like oio said we do have other demands on our time, and that's why you had to wait a bit @Gavins_Games until your post, which was fine, was unhidden.

And I am concerned about people getting discouraged and wanting to quit if they are getting flags, when they are mostly reminders from fellow community members to follow the guidelines like @Berrymelon said. And very much all the time, the post author wasn't trying to sabotage the forum or anything.

I've gotten flags before too and they weren't against the Guidelines and it's true the person who cast the flag might just have been mistaken with the guidelines. In the automated message you receive it mentions "possible suspension of your account" which is a little scary for what the flag was meant to be — a reminder. Other people have been discouraged too so I've been thinking about this often. Don't feel as though you should quit or anything though if you do get flags.