Flag S pamming. Really guys


Come on guys, you should make sure what you flag is actually bad. I recently have been flagged for an innocent image from viva piñata. Come on, look it up. It's e for everyone. Anyway, I really wanna stop this. This is the second time and it's pretty irritating.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Most likely it was flagged because it wasn't related to the topic (3D Minecraft game). Still, sorry. It can get on your nerves if it continues.


Ain't was on topic. I asked magmaPOP if he/she could do a viva piñata next and posted a picture and MagmaPOP liked it and even enter me and some one else were talking about ages, that one got flagged. Like seriously!


Oh. Sorry. I guess it could be considered off-topic if someone didn't see the context.


Sorry I had a typo. It might have been though
. Who knows....


I looked back at the topic. MagmaPOP liked it, but he did say it was a bit off-topic. I don't know..maybe it's that