Fizzy_27’s general topic!




yeah thx @SarcasticTvHead :D


why am i on here? that is a great question!


it is !! here’s an even better question- why is this topic still alive ? ūwû


Can I do a random shoutout to my website? if it is cool and all?


yeah of course ! i checked it out and it’s pretty cool




Okay you are the one with that pfp.
I will add you to my tag list

Remember me for centuries...


oh y e s

fobies :clap:t2::clap:t2:


FOB has pretty good music/songs


Now time for ads

cmon I ran out of lieks for 2 WHOLE frickin hrs Nuuuuu
See my topic for more cris


But the emotions can be useful so post it on my gt if u want I don’t mind it on my gt




agre e d


Fizzy!! Omg I missed you! Sorry, I had dance 4 times a week, and I started middle school! Hi!!


@SmileyAlyssa hey Aly, was gonna wish you a happy holidays on Friday but I didn’t see you that day, so happy holidays!


Happy holidays to you too! Congrats on your feature! :smile::wink:


Oh wait I didn’t notice till now!

Thanks for my fourth feature!


I suggest you move this to #gt