FIXED. New Projects coming


It works perfectly on my computer, amazing job!


By the looks of it, this game is going nowhere.


Why do you think so?


Not featured and no one really cares. Meh, I don’t care about updating new projects then…


Could be because the update was not very big, and the game has been featured before. Maybe make a big update then hopefully it will get more attention.


How about swapping it? Doesn’t matter I don’t know what to improve in tho.


Excuse me for my appalling English here. I meant that I am unaware of any future possibilities for updating this game.


Well, I do care about that game because it is amazing, but THT might think that some people will think that this is the same game, even if you have fixed it a lot.


The game is now on featured! Congratulations to your featured @BlastFusion! You totally deserve it. :slight_smile: