FIXED. New Projects coming


I did look at the method but since I haven’t coded for a while I didn’t quite know how to code any of it.

This is unreaL! Thank you so much!!! I will start making a few projects now!


You’re welcome

I did look at the method but since I haven’t coded for a while I didn’t quite know how to code any of it.

I’m glad to hear that (that you tried). Never hesitate to ask questions, that’s how we learn. I would’ve been happy to keep pointing you in the right direction.

@MR.GAM3R I’m sorry. I did’t see that you were helping him in this topic until after I’d already fixed it. But I used the old version of the editor/player. Maybe you could get it working in the new version. Since he wants to continue expanding the game there would be benefits to having self references.


No problem. BlastFusion was also working on fixing the game, so I thought if he finished his version first then my efforts would go to waste. However I enjoyed trying to fix the game, so I wanted to finish it, even if someone else does it before me (which you did xD.) I had fun doing it, and learned some new stuff in the process, so I don’t mind. I also got stuck at one point lol, so I’m not done yet


I’ve tried doing the method with scoring (score doesn’t work) and the old bug comes back. (Probably a massive increase in lag)

How could I code the score?


Hi @BlastFusion Could you elaborate. I’m not following.

I thought the scoring still worked after I fixed the project. Could you describe precisely what it should be doing that it’s not?


The score was going crazy by constantly increasing.

I supposingly fixed it on levels mode, but on infinite mode you can stay on the platform thus the score will constantly increase. But the solution is that I’ll remove that feature and the way to score is to hit the star. So don’t worry about this.

But another question is:
Is it possible to incooperate jumping physics in the game?


@OMTL sorry for using it but I have a valid reason.

Does my most recent game, published a few hours ago work? Yes or no?


I can check. Could I have the link?



Like you want gravity to be represented more realistically? Sure, I don’t see why not. But for what ever it’s worth, I kinda like it how it is.


I was thinking of velocity but that works slow and laggy. I’m finished now so don’t worry. Thanks though.


Cool, the game works well. I like the new colours of the character.

In future, tag @POMTL instead of the OTML for new projects ;)


Doesn’t work for me. You need to be able to jump farther


That’s the point of the game! You need to figure out how to do the biggest jump you can!


I thought so too at first :laughing:

Try getting closer to the edge before jumping & trying pressing jump/forward almost at the same time.


@BlastFusion here is the finished Self version of the Minecraft Parkour game. Using Self references, I added a bunch of improvements such as making the lava load almost instantly and simplifying the clone code. The performance is pretty decent.


That’s great @MR.GAM3R :+1:

I noted one minor bug: On levels mode, when you press both jump & forward then release jump, you stop moving forward (even though forward is still pressed)


Fantastic! There is no lag! But one problem… when the game starts everything glitches out, but just refresh.

Agh, I noticed that I forgot to put the ‘:video_game:’ after your name. Sorry!

@MR.GAM3R, should I unpublish and use the self version? The lava loads so quick and I love that!


I noticed this bug too. I thought it was an issue with Self, there were some reports a while ago about games that required a player to tap with two fingers to no longer work or be possible with newer versions of Hopscotch. I just did a quick test using a new draft and tapping two fingers seemed to work fine. It could be another issue or maybe two-finger taps don’t work with a lower frame rate. I didn’t touch any of the code for movement while fixing the game.


No problem. The :video_game: is black and the other text is white so I thought it looked a bit out of place. My forum username doesn’t have it, so yeah it doesn’t really matter.

It’s up to you. You can keep the current 2.0 and use Self for future versions.