FIXED. New Projects coming


I mean it. I worked very hard on Minecraft parkour. It’s wrecked, please fix. I beg you. I really really want to add some more stuff. Reward offered to anyone who can fix this.

@trust_level_4, I’ve sent an email. I’ve informed you, can something be done? The hard work is clearly evident.

I will not upload a single project until my game is fixed…


Since you are using “bumps”, you could make your own collission testing, to have more control and to improve lag.


That’s why I used “not touching”. I’m thinking of using Y position variables.
So when certain y positions are passed values respond


Yeah, this is sad, and I hope that THT will fix this. I really want you to be able to upload more games and be active, because your games are really cool. They are amazing. Super amazing. Have you tried using the latest update to make the draft’s file size smaller? Also, there is a new Hopscotch update coming soon (if it’s not already released), and that update will increase the speed of the editor. @Liza said that it was for older devises, but it will probably also increase the speed for most devices, and it might make your game working a little bit better.


I’ll try to remix the project and make it work.
Edit: May you explain the code in it?


@BlastFusion I’ll help you fix it. Do you have a version of the game with Self and named objects? Publish and unpublish it then send me the link.


The game doesn’t work on the new update. It doesn’t change the player though.


In my general topic Thinbuffalo has a link there.



I have finally worked out the most likely solution!
Thinbuffalo showed me “not touching” in the old player. This seems not to work anymore.


I don’t think the"not touching method" is working anymore


How is it going? I changed some of the bump rules and it’s working well, I can do the entire game if you like :)


Great. I’m doing some as we’ll! I don’t know how to do touching with both X and y positions though.

@Mr.Gam3r, things are looking different for me. It is half-working now. (In levels mode) When you bump the platform you need to jump on, you Respawn normally! But when you jump into mid-air you die because you are no longer touching either platforms.


Could you send me a link to the project or screenshots of the code?


Which code? What I’m doing is glitching out wildly. But, infinite mode is working 100%

This is Thinbuffalo’s, not mine.


Sorry, I meant your code that is glitching wildly. I wanted to see it, so I could hopefully troubleshoot it. Good to hear infinite mode is working.

I haven’t changed all the bumps rules yet but it already seems to work pretty well. Seems like you can’t have too many is touching/bumps rules at once, which makes sense since they are known to causing lag/drop in FPS. So I think you could just rewrite your code to use fewer bumps rules (I think it will work if you set a variable when two objects touch, and then do when Variable = 1 in another object). However calculating Bumps using math like we’re doing is good, as it’s best to avoid those rules completely.


Yes. I’ll post in in a sec, because I quickly would like to see something. I have an idea that if I change DMFs method slightly by doing a “check if else” bump 1 else 0 it might work.



Here is what I have done so far today:
Feel free to use the code. I will continue tomorrow.


That is sad, I hope that The Hopscotch Team will fix this soon.


Well then I guess see you when the next update comes out then…


There was nothing wrong with Minecraft Parkour that isn’t also a problem for everyone else. Bumps just don’t work very well.

Instead of getting upset, you should put your energy into achieving whatever it is that you desire. I had already told you how to fix the game on your general topic.

It took me a while, but I was able to fix it using the techniques I described. Bumps for the platforms have been removed (and replaced with math), but I left the Bumps for the star, flame, & mob as those seem to work fine. I also tweaked a few things, fixed a few bugs & took some creative license with the flame as having it stationary didn’t seem quite right for the game play (and was nearly impossible to get past)