Fix the filter please!



I know there's a million projects out there, but this is horrible it blocks people from seeing the picture you want on front instead it puts a random thing in front instead of the picture @staff @liza @system please fix a lot of people each day have this annoying filter.
-Cloudy (@LinemStudio)


Hi Cloudy,

I'm not sure what filter you mean! Sometime when you publish a project if the internet is funky, it publishes with a picture of bird rather than the game. Is that what you mean?



Dear @Liza,
Yes :smile: sorry it took so long doing other things besides being on here


I've always wondered why that's a bird, and not bear! :D

Although I do love bird.


Bird is quite a nightmare for artists... XD

I think that this happens because, like Liza said, the WiFi can get really funky.
As for the word filter, though... The word filter can be a pain sometimes.
I think Hopscotch still found a way to make it good, though. The fact that Bird can leave after a while, and that you can get your projects pushed through the filter.


I know it's ever so creepy I mean who doesn't like a cute fluffy bear bugging your project!