Fix Hopscotch NOW!


Notice: This Topic is for coders. If you do not code, you may take offense at the following.

Fellow Coders! It’s me, again. Right now Hopscotch is being infected by non- coders! They only draw, remix, or do RPs! This is unacceptable! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I came to Hopscotch to code and only to code! I feel my code is under appreciated and art is over appreciated! Many times people have copied my projects and others, and they get away, stealing hours of hard work in ten seconds! Other remixers just flood Hopscotch with stupid projects that bring nothing to Hopscotch! They also flood it with RPs, which are totally not Hopscotch- related!
I feel the time has come to put an end to this! We must get the Hopscotch team to do something! Hopscotch is a place for code, not art or RPs. If you want to create art on Hopscotch, create trail art! If you want to RP, do it somewhere else! I am sick and tired of seeing that the place which I love to use become another social media app like Instagram! It is the time for Hopscotch to go back to what it used to be!
How should we accomplish such a feat? On our own, with no power, and against the majority of the Hopscotchers, how could we do this? Well, remember, we have reason in our favor. Hopscotch was never an app for creativity, it is an app for creativity through coding! We should go on strike, not use Hopscotch for a while, and give it bad reviews until THT does something! I am not going to stand by and just watch this happen!
If you agree, great! If not, so be it.
Help Hopscotch go back to being a coding app and not turn into a social media app!


Yeha i get annoyed by artists

Like congrats! U can draw. Nobody cares lmao. It’s a coding app not a drawing app. Go ahead and code a drawing pad. Go ahead and draw on it for fun but don’t publish ur drawings


Well, honestly
These are my views
• good art that was worked super hard on, should be ok
• I agree that the Rps and lazy art is NOT ok for hopscotch
• hopscotch is an app for creativity, whether it’s art or coding, but that art should be creative!
• there needs to be more coding!!
• the thing is… when a good project that someone coded has “remix with results on it” it literally is telling people to do remixes! It’s not the remixers fault, it’s the coders fault


Yesss! We need to stop the “dating” stuff too!


I completely agree. Whenever I’m on trending it blows my mind when I see art that is really bad and it has 100+ likes on it. There’s constantly art and code that is absolutely amazing and it isn’t getting recognized while art that has a bunch of random scribbles on it is getting on top of trending. It makes me feel bad for newer hopscotchers.


You know that I’m a coder (mainly bc I can’t draw).

I agree with this except I think RPs should be allowed.

And I’m totally okay with remixes of you change and improve it.


Some art deserves trending though. I mean, look at art that has been on featured (I would recommend GrizzlyZoe’s art). Little scribbles and random chats kinda get on my nerves though.

Anyways, I feel like THT should make the algorithm for trending that doesn’t let remixes on there.

And as for newer Hopscotchers, if a random person gives me multiple likes on HS, I go check out their profile.


I guess if you code Rps…
But still, they can clog hospscotch
And yeah, remixes are good as long as they change the code…


Rps require creativity though. Maybe there is a way to put all projects with the word rp in the title into one category.


I just don’t like that newer hopscotchers start hopscotch thinking that it is an art and chatting app
If you look at my oldest projects, and a new hopsochtchers oldest project, there is a big difference in the quality
I feel like there should be a policy that a new hopscotcher must code at least 1 thing


Yeah, that would be good


random remixes are bad.
lazy drawing is bad, unless it involves code.
rp is bad.
dating is bad.

anythibg else?


Highly agree with this statement and the post. Tag me if you are needing help or something


guys, if you want to share your art, get instagram.
hopscotch isnt the place to post random squiggles thay yall call “lazy drawings”


But people keep making art pads that just make people want to draw more
(Lazy art)
But sadly I’m still going to use hopscotch… cause I need to code some projects for competitions.


Most of the great HSers started by remixing and making simple things. For example:

Now, she has 14 features.

Looking at other code actually improves how a person codes. My understanding of variables greatly increased the day I looked into one of @Dylan329’s projects


Woah, I didn’t know you were back :stuck_out_tongue:

Art pads can be complex


Yes they can! But I’m just saying tha art will never stop…


Yeah! That’s quality!

But the newer hopscotchers projects are just random squiggles or doodles


True. And banning art from Hopscotch would probably just cause them to have to close down the whole app.