Fix for bug where you get logged off



We recently fixed a bug that was causing people to constantly have to log in and also causing drafts to appear with endless spinners. @thomas fixed it (woot!!), and here's more about how to fix it and why it happened:

Experience of bug:
* When you exit Hopscotch, you are logged out of Hopscotch the next time you open the app.
* After editing drafts, you see an infinite spinner on the draft instead of the screenshot.
* You might have lost data on drafts when working offline.

People who might be affected:
People who upgraded from 2.18.0 to 3.0.0 or 3.0.1

If you want to fix this bug right now delete and reinstall the app (it will be fixed when we release the next version, in the next 3 weeks).

NOTE: If you were experiencing this bug, when you download the next update, you will be logged out. After that, you should not have this problem again.

Why this bug happened:
Hopscotch saves certain data in a local database on your phone or iPad. We made a change to that database that caused issues that might have affected you when you upgraded to version 3.0.1 (the most recent version).

As a result of the bug, in some rare situations you weren’t actually able to save new data to your phone. In these situations, it would appeared that you were logged in and able to save, though. Because you were never all the way logged in, every time you closed the app, it would reopen at the login screen. This also caused an endless spinner to appear on a draft.

Help Hopscotch fix draft deletion bugs: round 2


This never happend to me, but I did lose data and duplicating bugs. But not this .-.

Anyways thanks just incase this happens :>


Thanks Liza! I have had this problem before!


I didn't have it but thanks for fixing it! :D
It saves drafts' life XD


I may seem clueless to all this...
but what's an infinite spinner?
No answers? ;-;

EDIT: I looked it up and it's literally what I thought it was.
Never had this problem, but yey THT squished a bug. :bug:


This happened to me before, but it got fixed when I deleted the app and downloaded it back! @Liza


Thanks @Liza!

It hasn't been happening to me, but I'm going on a long trip without wifi and want to code, if I don't re-install the app could I be affected!?


3 weeks hype!

for just a bugfix


It keeps happening to my fren @Mystic_Woods for some weird reason.


I Had The Login Bug.