Fives and Rex are best clone boys



Ok so I was looking at my profile and saw something, in my activity area. I was about to go and change a few of my preferences but decided to take a look at the :heart: Votes section. Of course it said nothing yet but I was wondering what it was.

Anybody know?


Not a clue


It probably is on the forum’s original outline (coding template) maybe it’s on more forums like this?


This is a lot like a topic I recently made. I think it’s the same thing.

Also, search is broken.


no, there’s solved and then there’s votes

idk, there’s probably something on the discourse forums that says something about it


Probably. I haven´t seen this section before. Maybe it is new? Or haven´t I just noticed it?


Yeah I just saw that
No clue what it’s for
Just like the solved thing


Me too. I noticed it.


hello, @cirice, whoever you are


hello aariv,
aren’t you being a little hypocritical by posting something unrelated?
no offense.
just by seeing what you’ve posted in the past and all.
people can change, though.